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Post-Convention Bitching!

Right off the top, let me say that the Dems will be doing the exact same thing that the GOP is doing now; giving their “post-convention day” commentary on the networks/talk shows. So this has no political bias.

Quite frankly, these people are sounding like a bunch of teenage girls gossiping with each other and texting on their cells phones about the girl they all hate.

“…Well…quite frankly, that speech was flat and uninspiring…”

“…I didn’t hear about when HE voted for…”

“…It’s the same 'ole rhetoric we’ve heard from them before…”

“…Well…I didn’t hear ANYTHING about [insert topic]…”

"…“Waah, waah, WAAH!!!..!!!”

I’m no big fan of Political Conventions anyway…but the post-convention “commentary” grates me like fingernails on a chalkboard. I don’t think EITHER side helps their cause.



I have avoided it like the plague.

I listened to the ABC commentators wetting themselves over what a great, unity-inspiring speech Hillary gave yesterday for about 4 minutes before I couldn’t take any more. And I think Fox even had a super closeup of some black lady bawling like a baby during the speech. Like SUPER CLOSE UP. It was thoroughly embarrassing. I think I’ll pass on the rest of the coverage for both parties unless McCain does something wildly unexpected like pick an actual conservative VP.

I am leaving St Paul during the GOP convention.

The jackbooted feds are out in full force sweeping up homeless veterans (who are supposed to have been the GOP’s heroes) who occupy a little strip of sidewalk next to the Excel Center in an effort to not embarrass the convention goers. What a disgrace to your country your government is!

I know that this has nothing to do with the Dem’s convention but I saw the word “bitch” in the title of the thread so that is what I am doing.