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Post Contest Weight and Body Fat

Post Contest weight and Body Fat

Iâ??ve competed in a bodybuilding contest on May 4. It was my third contest in 7 months. At weigh-in, the day before the contest, I was 180 lbs. This was weight in my last two contests as well.

Yesterday, I weighed 181.3 lbs. and had my body fat percentage taken via underwater testing. I was 5.5%. Last May, prior to my pre-contest prep, I weighed 206 lbs. at 11.7% taken via underwater testing. Consequently, it took me roughly 17 weeks to go from 205 lbs. to 180 lbs. at contest time.
I now start my gradual increase in calories and weight.

I have two questions for fellow competitors:


  1. What is your approximate difference in pounds between your off-season weight and contest weight, and rough body-fat at that off-season weight?

My situation
2) What weight do you think I should be for a steady-state off-season weight? I like being roughly 205 lbs. (even though it was 25 lbs. over my contest weight) and I was still able to see my outline of my abdominals. My body fat was roughly within the 8-12% range at 11.7%.
Again, Iâ??m currently at 5.5% body fat at 181 lbs. and making a plan for this post-contest transition. As a result, Iâ??d like your thoughts on your situation and my current one.