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Post Contest Storm of Ice Cream and Steak


So I just got through with my first competition. Went good. Had a problem with my water, sodium and diuretic. Overall very pleased.

But my question, to all those that compete what all do you eat after your show and for how long do you eat what you want.

I have had saltgrass, prime rib and desert.
Diner for breakfast, muffin, pancakes, omelet, and house fries
A sleeve of Oreo cookies and a pint of ice cream.

Gonna eat nasty for three days then back to it. The diet that is.

Next up are smores, cheesecake and a burger.

So what have been your biggest and nasty cheat meals-days


I ate whatever for my diner the night of the show and my breakfast the following day, thats it :slightly_smiling:


Then back to an off season diet?


Like Zraw, I give myself the night of the show, as well as the entire day after. Then, starting Monday I go back to what my contest diet looked like 2 weeks previously and do my best to stick to it for a couple of weeks with maybe a cheat meal on weekends. At that point, I start working my macro #s up in steps each week, probably adhering at a 90% strictness with my diet (I create a new spreadsheet every time I alter anything during a cut, so I can cycle back through them).

Nice pic BTW, how'd things work out contest wise?



Came in 4th out of 12
Stage weight of 232lbs
Not bad from a first comp
Like I stated dayside, water ,sodium and carb up got all jacked up


I listened to many different people


Only some mint chocolate chip ice cream. I am pretty boring.

But I jacked up the rice quite a bit post contest and got my metabolism racing.