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Post Contest: Epic Meals


Hey all, I am currently 10 days out from my first BB competition, and will have been dieting 24 weeks when all is said and done. I am going to give myself the Sunday afterwards to relax, enjoy some good company and some even better food!

I know somewhere I will fit in pancakes, fatty steak, oreos, breakfast cereal and some peanut butter and then just play the rest of the day by ear.

Feel free to add in your own personal stories of epic cheat days, horror stories and even some great words of advice.


Be sure to take good notes on your prep, and appearance on a daily basis on these last 7 days.
Too lazy to type out my meal.


Man, as long as I get pancakes the day after, nothing else matters, I'm content :smiley:



I never thought it was possible to crave pancakes so much, but I was sadly mistaken!