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Post Contest Diet

I’m currently 5 days out from my first bodybuilding contest. Everything is in order and I am jacked up to take the stage on May 5th. To keep my mind off of of how hungry I am:) I’m trying to set up my post contest nutrition plan.

My goals are as follows. To gain lean mass while maintaining around 9-10% bodyfat, to increase overall strength, and finally to bring up lagging bodyparts (mainly bi’s and ham’s). I will compete at 195 lbs. I figure that I can be about 220 in the offseason at 10%. My diet will be as follows.

Meal #1
2 eggs
8 whites
5 oz lean beef
3/4 cut oats

Meal #2
3 Scoops protein w/ 1 tbls. flax

Meal #3
10 oz. chicken
1 cup brown rice
2 cups green veggies

Meal #4
2 cans tuna with large salad w/ 2 tbls olive oil and vinegar

Meal #5
Post Workout Shake

Meal #6
10 oz beef
3 cups green vegtables

Every 3rd day I am thinking of doubling the carbs at meals #1 and #3. Also, I am toying with the idea of 1 all out cheat meal per week. Also, I should add that I am relaxing diet for about 4 days after the show, anything goes. Any thoughts would be greatly welcomed and appreciated.

looks solid aside from maybe lil low on fats 42 from the oils then the eggs, beef depending how lean im guessing very what 60-70 total might eat a few nuts fish oils

good luck kick some ass