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Post-Contest Diet If on TRT

Wasn’t sure whether or not to post this on this forum or the TRT one but chose to put it here…so here is my question. Im aware it is very common for competitors to binge post contest and add in calories way too fast. They end up gaining weight at an alarming rate due their lowered testosterone and thyroid levels/ bodies adaptations to lowered calories. My question is if someone were to be on TRT and their levels are optimal, do they have to add in calories as slow as the person that is natural with lowered levels?

You talking actual prescribed TRT dose or low level cycle doses?

actual prescribed dose

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There is absolutely nothing special to be done if on TRT regarding diet when prepping for a show or taken into consideration when resuming normal eating after a show.

Binging isn’t advisable after a show. Sure one can have a cheat meal til satisfied, and if prep was done correctly–that is one was in semi-starvation by the end–then it will likely take quite a bit of food to feel full.

I have been on TRT since 2001. My prep log is available on this forum. You can take a look at it. I ate a cheat meal dinner and a cheat meal breakfast after the show. That was all.


Once you understand that after a prep your body is NOT magically primed to add muscle, and it’s actually primed to add FAT, you become careful about not rushing to ruin the results of all of your hard work cutting down in the first place.