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Post-Competition Water Retention

Hey guys,

I did my first 3 competitions in April. After the last competition I started eating and drinking a lot of crap and gained a lot of weight. The bloating is gone now, but the water is still there.

  • started diet in january with 96kg
  • one week out first competition with 85kg
  • cut water down to 80kg weigh-in
  • after competition back to 85kg
  • cut water down to 81kg for second competition
  • after competition back to 85kg
  • cut water again down to 81kg for last competition

After last competition 85kg next day, after two days 92kg, and within one week up to 100kg.

I used aldactone 25 3xed for the first 3 days, and thiazid the last 2 days prior comp.

Diet stack:
Test Prop. 100mg ed
Tren A.150mg ed
Mast. P. 50mg ed
Winstrol 30mg ed
Arimidex 0.5mg ed
Clen in 21 day cycles

After Competition switched to Test E 500 e5d.

Got my bloodwork done after the last show and again in June.
Everything fine, blood lipid levels above normal, but going down.
E2 at the upper reference range.

Eating a lot of crap for days was stupid.
Stopping diuretics without tapering off wasnt the best idea either.

But maybe someone can help me to get these fluids out of my body as fast as possible? Because training and sometimes walking is kinda “painful” (pump) and my mobility is limited.

Clean eating and drinking a lot of water isnt really doing anything for me at the moment.

Some guys advice to go low/zero carbs, somewhere I read to use diuretics again and taper them off properly.

Hopefully you guys got some experience and can share it.


Your body is attempting to recover itself to pre-diet composition, it’s been in starvation mode during diet and at this point it’ll behave like a sponge, from my own experience having 4 competing seasons under my belt this is to be expected. Your electrolytes are also off-balance from your usage of diuretics during your deload/load week post-comp.

Clean eating and carb management is all you can do at this point. If you add more diuretics it’ll backfire again and won’t do you much good except to put more stress on your kidneys, I know this from experience.

Maintain a degree of dicipline, stick to a clean-meal plan, ease up on the macros, and water retention issue will eventually stabilize itself.

And of course hopping straight on the 500 test E train e5d without estro management will also become a contributing factor to that extra water weight your pulling.

I’d personally switch to cruise mode post-comp myself and allow the body a well deserved break unless I was aiming for another upcoming season in the nearest future.

Thank you very much for your answer.

Im back on my clean diet and training.

Its getting a little bit better, I guess…

Didn’t really think about the estrogen rebound after competition, when I cut out the AI and switched to T e5d. Wasnt the best move.

Im going to stick to the e5d 500mg and get my e2 checked again in 2 weeks. Hopefully the estrogen gets back on its own.
I want to get back one stage in spring, thats why I picked this regime.