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Post-Comp Blues


I finished my first BB comp in April this year and I have to say, I have not felt the same since. I seem to be fatigued always. My sex drive is way down, and my motivation is really low. I just don't get excited anymore for training which is very unusual.

I orginally thought I was just over-trained from the comp, but it is now 6 months later and I don't feel any better. Another thing is that I pee all the time. Like I was still drinking a gallon of water a day when I'm not.


Are you excessively thirsty? You are describing some of the symptoms of diabetes. Not trying to scare you, but I would personally see a doctor if I were you. Good luck.


Did you take steroids? It might be the reason.


no man no roids or anything. Just the basics; Protein, Fat-burner, Fishoil, BCAA's. I thought it might have been diabetes too(I couldn't imagine why though), but regardless I had blood work done and I was fine.


What are your current eating habits? If you've switched from clean eating to a junk-food diet, I'd say that's the reason.


It's worth a shot in the dark, but maybe it is mono. I remember not being able to wake up in the morning, sleeping 10 hours a day and feeling like general shit whenever I tried anything with intensity.

I figured I got it due to high training intensity, low food intake, and a little lack of sleep here and there.

It could be possible training for a bodybuilding competition: low amounts of food and intense training depending on your style.


Lack of motivation for the things you love. Lack of motivation for pussy. Sounds like depression to me.


I agree, it sounds like depression. Have you gained much fat? Could it be metabolic shutdown from extreme dieting?


My diet is more liberal now, but its still not THAT liberal where I'm eating shit all day.

I was thinking metabolic issues from the extreme dieting but I wasn't sure.


hey man, not to call you out or anything, but didnt you have some methydrol or whatever that shits called? i remember when that shit was popular there was a huge thread going on it and i remember reading some scary stuff about it.

from what ive read about those pro-hormone (basically weak steroids w/ worse side effects) they can have have effects afterwards that almost lay dormant for a while, then creep up on you. depression is also something that a substance like that could cause.

on the other hand, depression can certainly come from other things going on with your body that you wouldnt even realize. certainly take the advice of everyone here and get to however many/whatever doctors you need to get through to see this thing through. depression isnt something to be ashamed/embarrassed about.

were all here to give you a pat on the back in support, but you gotta make the moves. even if you never touch a weight again, thats not the point, dont let whatever this is get you so down that youre just not enjoying your life.

id suggest seeing some MD's for possible physical symptoms and some PhD's to see if they can help you get to the bottom of things that might be bothering you that you dont even realize.

with those PhD's- id further suggest that you seek out a psychologist before a psychiatrist. and also keep in mind that when going to either, you might not making amazing discoveries on your first visit, a lot of people dont, they need to get to know you a little better, and have some time to reflect on what you say in your first meeting.

good luck, keep us posted.


I took some Anabolic Xtreme a while back. Almost 2 years ago. I would be surprised to see that effecting me now.

As for depression I would have to disagree. I may have lack of motivation and sex drive but that doesn't mean I'm not lifting or having sex either. Plus I go to work everyday and seem to enjoy my life right now.

My own opinion is that it has to do with eating clean, supplementation, and being in great shape. I feel like dialing in on all of those for the comp made me feel great. But there is no way to sustain that full-year. Maybe I am depressed from how I use to feel and now how I do feel.

Also maybe some metabolic shift since my comp, and I haven't rebounded yet. I really don't know.

I guess the main question I was asking was, if anyone else felt the same after there comp?