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Harkonnen and grooveles toque have recently informed me of the importance of carbs in your post workout shake. On my days off, I plan on start doing about 20-30 minutes of light cardio. Are the carbs in your postworkout shake as important after a cardio workout as compared to a weightlifting workout?

It depends on your needs and on the intensity of the cardio. What are you training for? The intensity, duration and purpose of the cardio will drive the type of post-workout nutrition.

Example A - 30 min of moderate intensity cardio to help with fat loss - There is really no need for very specific and immediate post-workout nutrition.

Example B - 30 min of high intensity sprint intervals and a circuit of bodyweight calisthenic GPP drills while training for a specific sport - Post workout nutrition should absolutely be included with some whey protein and maltodextrin or something like Surge.

Jason, thanks man.

I started a thread on this a bit ago called “El_Mac’s stupid question of the week” It might help.