Post Cardio P-F

I normally do cardiowork after my lifting sessions in the early hours of the day, however today due to traveling constraints I opted not to lift, and instead just did some moderate cardio in the evening. I followed this session with a p-f meal, being that I had already ate my p-c meals, and was looking to stick to my normal eatig schedule. Any how, I ate my p-f meal, then followed it with my last meal which also was f-f. I was wondering what the benefits were in doing this. To me it makes sense that I would be continuing to burn fat due to the non precence of insulin, I also made sure to take plenty of glutamine, and even upped the protein in my post cardio p-f meal. Just wanted to know good? bad? Thank you

J-Diggity, seeing that it was a moderate session, that should bode just fine. However, if this were decided to be continued on a regular basis, I would probably opt for some carbs there, especially considering your present goals. This is an opportune time for such.

I should just forewarn, however, that if the session were high-intensity or HIIT in nature, then I would not recommend a meal of protein and fat immediately aftewards. The reasons are severalfold:

  1. This type of exercise can be more demanding on intramuscular stores (i.e. glycogen and triglyceride) than resistance training; as such, it’s a perfect time for ingesting carbs and protein to restore muscle glycogen and induce an anti-catabolic and anabolic environment.

  2. Possibly more importantly, in normal individuals, this intensity of exercise is associated with hyperglycemia. That’s correct. Subsequently, this elevation in blood glucose–as a result of the body breaking down massive quantities of muscle and liver glycogen to meet metabolic demands–there will be a subsequent insulin response. Therefore, it might be contraindicated to consume protein and fat immediately afterwards for such a reason.

thanks a lot timbo, sorry it took so long to get back, I have been real limited on comp time, but all is going well out here, and I will take your advice bro…j