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Post Cardio Nutrition -- Surge?

Hey guys,

I’m planning on doing fasted cardio 3 days a week on my recovery days from strength training. I will be walking at a brisk pace on a 6%-10% incline for an hour. Is Surge a good choice for POST cardio nutrition?

I know it is great for PWO, but since it has carbs in it, I do not want to undo my fasted cardio results. Will this be ok or should a zero carb, whey protein shake be a better alternative?

someone respond!

IMHO, that doesnt make sense if you’re doing fasted cardio(I’m assuming to try and lose BF?) and then take a shake. Take BCAA’s before and after so your body doesn’t go after your muscle, then have your meal in an hour or 2. Why would your body need to go to your fat reserves if you provide fuel after the workout…I could be dead wrong, but, just a thought.

yeah, you gotta earn your Surge. You only need the carbs to spike insulin so your body will shuttle the protein and nutrients to repair damaged muscle after a weight session.

Since fasted cardio should not be nearly intense enough to cause any significant muscle damage (hell, anything short of crazy sprint work would fall into this category), skip on the Surge. Straight BCAAs would be the way to go, especially if you’re trying to lose fat.

I recently heard a theory on T-Nation stating that taking BCAAs pre cardio (fasted) may teach your body to use the BCAAs as fuel for your cardio and then continues to eat on muscle tissue since its metabolically inclined to use protein for fuel already. Why not take a tablespoon of fish oil or evoo pre cardio so your body starts using the fat as fuel and continues to do so throughtout your cardio session.

Make any sense?
Hope this helps,

I second the evoo before cardio strategy.

Take one teaspoon of evoo about 20 min pre-cardio. You might even be able to use the same serving size of peanut butter.