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Post C-Section Exercise

Hey all, I’ve been a lurker here for a while, and finally decided to pipe up with a question. My wife just had a c-section (her second) last week (she keeps herself in good shape, has really easy pregnancies and recovery time. She was up and walking less than 20 hours after surgery and would have been up sooner if not for the catheter and iv) and is itching to get working out again. She started doing light walking, but is chomping at the bit to do more. Anybody have any information or links to articles (here or elsewhere) about post partem (specifically c-section) exercises that are deemed okay? Her doctor is great, but she’s kind of the type who thinks it’s really crazy for a woman to be benching over a hundred pounds or squatting and deadlifting her bodyweight (my wife doesn’t think it’s impressive).

I’m personally a bit of a gymnastics style body weight fanatic currently (a la Coach Sommers), but I’m looking for exercises from any and all areas (given her interests and natural strength, I think she’d enjoy strongwoman stuff eventually).

Oh, as far as her fitness background, she’s been a weight lifter for a while, had been a martial artist for many years (we both had to drop that for a little while once our first son was born 2 years ago) and likes jogging. I can’t for the life of me remember what I had her doing and when after her first c-section, so I figured I’d play it safe and ask people who are probably more informed than I.


I’d ask a doctor, but I would guess a c-section would weaken those core muscles like the Transverse Abdominus. Do some gut-sucking (pull the bellybutton to your spine) and hold for 10 seconds. There are others which a search of the internet should surely be able to tell you.