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Post Bulk- Getting Used to New Weight 75kg to 85kg

I’m after bulking up from 75 kilos to around 85 kilos since Christmas. It isn’t all muscle obviously but alot of it is. I’ve been trying to take it easy the last while but I’m still not feeling recovered much. My intuition tells me that my body is accustoming itself to carrying my new bulk around in my everyday activities. Would this be correct or just a figment of my imagination?

I don’t know man, is it possible you’re fat and out of shape now?

What has your training been like during this time?


I am in fairly good shape. I can re-ask the question if it helps.


You said you gained a bunch of weight in a short time.
You said you’ve been taking it easy for awhile.
You said you’re still not feeling recovered.

If you heard somebody else say those things what would you think?

To me, that doesn’t really sound like you’ve been prioritizing Cardio, Conditioning or Diet. Which are the things that help you feel Recovered and In Shape.

Also, Black Knight!


@FlatsFarmer is a beast! He is one of the most knowledgeable and extremely helpful people on this forum.


Looking back, I may have told a woman I didn’t know that she was fat. That’s not nice.

I’m sorry for my tone and what I said.


I think they were fair questions based on the information given.

How have your key lifts increased?