Post-Bulk Advice

I need to take a break from bulking because I’m tired of constantly force-feeding myself. With my “hummingbird on speed” metabolism bulking is not a pleasant lifestyle. About two months ago I saw somebody in front of me at a supermarket checkout with a turnip and thought longingly about the last time I ate one. When you look longingly upon a fucking turnip…

So, should I spend a few months maintaining weight and working on getting stronger, or should I cut and then get back to gaining? Which of those options is better for long-term progress?

Ultimately I’d like to gain another 10 kg or so of muscle mass and get back to the level of bodyfat I had without training (around 10%).

lose bodyfat % for a month or so

Maintain, cut, maintain, bulk.

I wouldn’t jump straight from bulking to cutting. Give yourself a few weeks to maintain the new weight.

You might want to give this article from Mike Roussell a read, too.

Hey sorry this really has nothing to do with this topic but I was just wondering what part of North Dakota are you from SBT?

Thanks for the advice, and sorry to start two redundant topics (can they be merged somehow?) I’ve been maintaining for the past two weeks. The approach from the Mike Roussell article sounds good, but I guess it only makes sense if you’re reasonably lean so I’d cut first.