Post Blood Donation Workout?

Just left from donating blood for the first time, and last…

I’m headed home to workout now, they said that’s a bad idea. Is this really a bad idea or one of those general things they tell people to cover themselves?

Report back if you die.


One part of it has to do with lost fluids (more prone to fainting), but another part has to do with letting the needle wound heal. I dont know what the odds are or how hard you were gonna push it, but you’re gonna be a real pain in someone’s ass if you pass out or spill blood at the gym.

Yea I’m gonna take it easy I think. I feel like complete trash. Keep everything around 50%.

It’s my own gym so it wouldn’t be as bad to bleed here lol

Will do. Warming up now.

I was tossing up going to donate blood or plasma myself and was gonna ask em how much it affects athletic performance. Considering they give you a chunk of time to “recover” between donations it seems like it hits the system hard-ish. But then again one hears of pro athletes donating on the regular

I regret ever doing it. I’m just hoping I have some rare needed blood type and made a difference lol

The needle is not a needle, it’s a PIPE. Turns out my chick was new… and it showed. I felt like trash my whole workout. Hoping tomorrow is back to normal.

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I straight up passed out during wrestling practice a few hrs. after giving blood.

Donating blood=good.
Working out=good.
Donating blood + working out= not good.


Yea I had to cut mine short and light today. I’m almost positive she hit a tendon. Lots of pain and tenderness and the actual tendon hurts. Never again!

Could have skewered the vein. I’ve had that happen a few times with iv and blood draws. I had a budding new phlebotomist once try so many times that I asked her to go get her boss so she could see it again.

Actually just got out of the hospital today and some of the nurses had an angels touch. If you weren’t looking you literally wouldn’t know that the just stuck a pipe into your arm.

Listen, @wanna_be, you did a great thing. Donating blood is one of the few things we regular people can do (and do frequently) that literally saves lives. If we have to push off weightlifting a day so a five-year-old girl that was hit by a drunk driver gets to go back to kindergarten next month, I think that’s pretty fair.

Great job donating; don’t make a different choice in the future!


Might get a black area around the injection site, thats all. Don’t push too hard and it will be good.

I donate all the time, O+ so I get the begging email whenever I’m eligible. I do the double donation as well. I make sure to do it on an off day and take it easy the next, after that, I’m good to go.

I’ve read that it is like getting an oil change, keeps things fresh. I do it because it lowers my HCT.

Oh, and it helps people, even though I hate people.


So after I filled the bag it took the new girl a few minutes to get the smaller test tubes ready to be filled. By the time she got it ready the needle was stopped up/clotted up. Big black dude walks over and starts digging around with the needs still in my arm. Some of the worst pain ever ever felt and I’ve broken multiple bones.

Now my left fore arm skin (inside) is numb. I get tingles and fire in my arm when I use it on something with a little resistance, and if I curls anything I get the tingles and painful fire PLUS a (what I assume) clicking tendon at the sight of the stabbing.


I always donate on a rest day (yeah, I hear some of you saying ‘What’s that?’) and then hit it easy the next day. Lot’s of fluids, red meat, etc. and I am fine.

I used to do Double Reds, but no more. Takes too much wind out of the sails. Just a pint of whole blood and I am good. Every other donation or so I get a call that I helped some kid get through an operation or something. That’s a feel good and it helps that I have ‘super’ blood–O positive universal donor with negative CMV, so my blood can be given to babies.

Your body isn’t all you should be working on, the spirit needs a hard lifting day every so often.

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No! That’s insane!

So what should I do? Wait it out? Freak out and go see a doctor? As soon as she put the needle in I told her “you just hit something you shouldn’t have” she said there’s no way.

I honestly don’t know. If I had something like that, depending on the pain and lack of use, would go to a doctor.

Does the donation center have a nurses’ line? I’d definitely look into this. You don’t want to wait this out

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I will find out!