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Post Blood Donation Nutrition

as a donor, I’m obviously not allowed to inject any drugs between donations, so EPOs kinda outta the question…
but anyway…
what would anyone suggest for ramping up the ol’ haemoglobin count? are there any great supplements out there than do for [Hb] what Power Drive does for [Ach]?
Should immediate post-donation nutrition be addressed?
Does anyone else out there give blood and, if so, what do they find helps them out of the ensuing stale feeling?
any opinions/ideas/wild stabs in the dark welcome! thanks!

Hey Al,

I give blood and to be honest with you I have yet to get that stale feeling, i know sooner or later it will happen.

Sorry i can’t help you , just thought i’d mention myself as a fellow blood donor

for some reason Surge seems to come to mind. cant really justify why right now, but it just jumped into my head.

hm, cool, might look into surge
I was thinking losing a bit over a pint o the good stuff might lose me some plasma protein.
when we hear “protein synthesis” (re. increasing it) is this just merely a fair indicator of skeletal muscle growth, or can it be taken as an indicator of synthesis of proteins like haemoglobin?

I can’t tell you much about the nutrition end of it. I would imagine eating for a tough workout schedule would be advisable.

The biggest factor I’ve experienced in combating that stale feeling after donating is GPP. Since I’ve upped my GPP (calisthenics, HIIT, farmers walks, etc) I don’t get that stale feeling anymore. Note: my previous GPP was limited to occasionally walking my dogs.

I’ve also taken to timing my donations during my periodic off-week. By the time I hit the weights again, I don’t feel any difference from pre-donation.

When my conditioning wasn’t as good, that stale feeling would sometimes last for more than a week. So I know the GPP has helped more than the layoff has.

tokeman & dave, good to know i aint the only one :stuck_out_tongue:
GPP sounds like a plan, gonna give it a blast next time i donate