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Post-Blast Diet?

I was blasting for 10 weeks (Test E / Tbol) and just recently came back to my TRT dose.

I gained a lot … of fat. I’m sure there is some muscle down there somewhere, but I’m not too optimistic. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’m considering what to do next. The fat has to come off eventually, but I am not in too much of a hurry.

Would it be best to;
a) Eat at maintenance for a while? (How long?)
b) Just start a slight diet straight away?
c) something else…

Thanks for your opinions and help!

Stay at new maintenance for four weeks, cut after that.

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Thanks @iron_yuppie
Why do you suggest four weeks?
Any tips for figuring your new maintenance?

Four weeks gives your body time to get used to the new weight. You’ll hear guys call it your new ‘set point’. Plus during that time you’ll be shedding any extra water and glycogen, so you’ll wonder up lighter than before and you’ll have a better idea of what your gains actually look like in terms of fat and muscle.

You’ll have to play with maintenance a little. There’s probably a scientific way to calculate it and remove the water/glycogen weight from it, but that’s outside of my skill set. Just estimate based on what you were eating to grow before minus X and track your weight. If you drop too much too fast you’ll know that’s too low.