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Post Arthrogram Shoulder Pain

Several months ago I had some pain on the outside of my delt when doing bench press type lifts. I went to a doctor who had me go through an Arthrogram. Unfortunately, even though the original problem is gone, I have lingering pain within the joint from the arthrogram.

I rarely go to a doctor, because few know what they are talking about, and this again affirms it for me. An arthrogram looks inside the joint, and because my pain was on the outside of the shoulder, and arthrogram was a wasteful and harmful procedure. They should have looked at the external tendons first, because it turned out to be some minor inflamation, easily fixed by physio and acupuncture.

Anyway, does anyone have any experience with an arthrogram? How long before the joint heals and the pain goes away? It’s been about 3 months.