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Post ACL Fix, Help My Food Intake

Hello all i am new to this forum, I am 9 weeks post acl and have been trying to grind it back, I have gained 26lbs since the surgery and its been hard with the holidays and limping around to find my groove. I am 6’2 260, just DI collegiate catcher .Typical Day

Breakfast: 3/4 cup Liquid egg whites with a dash of chili powder. Some days with cut mushrooms in them
Lemon/Blueberry Chobani yogurt

Midmorning Snack: Gala apple with Teddys unsalted PB

Lunch: Salad, carrots, mushroom, celery, hardboiled egg

Mid Afternoon:3 hardboiled eggs with pepper

Dinner : This past week dinner has consisted of Pressure cooked chicken with capers , Crockpot a pot roast, potatoes,carrots, celery…used a cup of 3/4 red wine and cup of water to soak for the day. and finally Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Shepards pie-from carascravings.com HIGHLY SUGGEST website shes great to work with

Again I am just looking for some advice, I recently graduated, got injured, surgery, rehab now, and I need some tips

Tips on what? It’s not clear what youre asking.

Nutritional intake, what can I modify in my daily eating. I have no sense of direction really, I read about the paleo diet, partial vegetarian, carb free etc. Just looking for some advice or someone who has gone through an injury like this and gained weight and unable to perform high intensity workouts, its incredibly hard.

Well first off, if youre looking to lose fat you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. Things like paleo, low carb, etc are not as important as total calories consumed.

Second, without knowing how much youre eating it’s hard to make a recommendation.

Third, without knowing what youre capable of physically, it’s hard to suggest a course of action.