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Post-Accutane Restart Advice

Hey guys, I’m new here. I was on accutane when I was younger and it has been slowly pushing my body into shutdown over the years. At this moment, I’m at the low end of range for testosterone but I have been feeling the affects over the years. When I was 18 my total testosterone was a 25 with a range of 8-29. These ranges are Canadian, not exactly sure of the units.

Anyway now 25 years old, I’m sitting at a 13 with the same range of 8-29. Even though I’m still “in the range” it seems that total t dropping this much from 18 till 25 seems quite excessive, and I can account i have been feeling the symptoms from it. Excess belly fat, hard to build muscle, very low sex drive, Ed. My LH is also on the lower end, and my cortisol is very high, which I have read inhibits testosterone production. I want to try a restart protocol with nolvadex to see if I can bring my
Levels back up and feel better.

My question is what do you think would be a good protocol for me? i realize there is a lot of information on here about a restart, but I have never done anything anabolic so I feel like my protocol might differ. Anyway, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

You need a complete lab work up for us to reply regarding anything. A lab at 13 of 8-29 is normal and without other labs explaining your results, you will just get shrugged off as in line.