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Post A Typical Day Of Eating

Just want to see what all you folks eat on a regulate non cheat day. Also, it would be helpful to post your workout time and what you eat before and after. Just looking for give ideas. Thanks.

0440: Wake up, eat something small like 2 cookies or a peanut butter cup and start lifting by 0500.

0605: Finish training

0630: 1 cup cinnamon Chex breakfast cereal, 2 scoops whey protein, 2 heaping spoonfuls of PBfit powder, 1 cup of Fairlife skim milk all mixed together

0730: Quest bar and zero carb rockstar

1200: 12(ish) ounces of meat and veggies

1700: same as 1200 meal

Goal right now is maintain bodyweight, with small amount of weight loss acceptable.

7:00am - 4 eggs, 2 pieces of sourdough bread with butter, banana, some dates and prunes and a greek yogurt.
11:30am - Leftovers from the night before and a piece of fruit or granola bar; Typically meat and veggies, sometimes a carb. Today it is ground beef with brussel sprouts and an apple.
12:30pm - Depends how I’m feeling, sometimes I’ll go out and grab a couple snack wraps or a second lunch.
3:30pm - Pre workout shake; 1.5-2 scoops of protein and depending on my lunch I’ll throw a scoop of dextrose in there for some carbs.
4:15pm - Workout
7:00pm - Dinner - Meat, carb and veggies. 50% of the time it is ground beef, rice and frozen veggies. Chicken, salmon, steak, tofu, beans/chic peas, pasta, Kraft Dinner, sweet potatoes, raw veggies and salads make up the 45%. The 5% is pizza, going out for dinner, etc.
9:00pm - Snacks; Granola bar, chocolate, greek yogurt, protein shake, beer, wine, etc. Depending on goals and hunger pangs.

Been maintaining now for the better part of 6 months.

Monday - Friday
7:30am - 4 eggs and one of A. reheated potatoes B. bowl of cereal with whole milk C. protein shake with whole milk
12:00pm - Usually 6-8oz meat, ~1 cup of rice, ~1 cup of veggies. Occasionally this is heavier on the carbs as a pasta dish or a sandwich if I go out for lunch.
4:00pm - Usually 6-8oz meat, ~1 cup of rice, ~1 cup of veggies. Occasionally this is heavier on the carbs as a pasta dish
6:30pm - Post workout protein shake with whole milk
7-9:00pm - Usually 6-8oz meat, ~1 cup of rice, ~1 cup of veggies. Occasionally this is heavier on the carbs as a pasta dish. We tend to go out for dinner a few nights a week too, and I stray from what I’d cook at home so I’ll have several tacos, a burrito, burgers, pizza, Asian noodle dishes, etc.

Weekends are a total crapshoot for me. Sometimes I barely eat and other time I consume like 12,000 calories in a couple days. Not ideal but I like my life too much to drastically change it.

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I’m looking to become less of a fat bastard.

Breakfast: 100g oats with 1 Apple, handful of frozen berries and scoop of whey

Throughout the day: 4 more scoops of whey, 2 bananas on a workday. Day off usually something solid with similar calories/protein. Current favourite is “shakshuka”, which bears very little relation to the original dish.

Dinner: 100g carbs, 300g lean meat, lots of veggies. Something like a chilli/chicken with rice or pasta with a very meaty sauce.

Post workout: meat and bread.

If I lift, it’s at around 11pm, so I’ll usually have a couple of bananas beforehand if I’m feeling short on energy, and something protein-ey to look forward to after. Tonight will be about 300g sausage in buns.

5AM - Wake up
730-8AM - Quick Nap

12PM - Carbs, Eggs, Raw Veggies, Fruit

4PM - Burrito/Taco/Salad/Something Random

730PM - Carbs, Meat, Cooked Veggies

1030PM - Fruit Smoothie

If I’m still up at midnight I’ll make some sourdough with butter or something. I’m an outlier in the sense I don’t eat right after working out. I wait a few hours.

How though?

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Haha what do you mean?

It’s the half hour nap I don’t get. I don’t think i could do that or that it would help me feel any more awake.

I’ve mastered the 20-30 minute nap. I’ve been doing this for like 12 years. Even before I ran my own business I would take a nap in my car for my lunch breaks. But I’m the person once i close my eyes or lay down I will fall asleep under 2 minutes. My body wakes up after 28 minutes on the dot every time I nap now. It clears my head I actually feel refreshed. It doesn’t work for everyone but I would recommend anyone to try it!

I employed the ‘power nap’ a few times throughout my life. When it’s out of necessity the effectiveness is much more pronounced than if it’s a like a boredom nap or something. Those don’t really do it for me.

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I’ve always found naps less than about 90mins just don’t help me. Might just be me though.

6:00 wake up
Protein shake and pre workout

6:30 Workout
7:30 protein shake and 1 cup oats

9:00 Apple

12:00 2 tins of tuna, 1 cup veg and gravy!

15:00 protein shake

17:00 rice, meat and veg


Currently dieting down.

Breakfast (8am): 150 g cottage cheese, 1 tbsp low sugar jam, 2 scoops whey

Lunch (1-2pm): 100 g white rice + 150 g salmon OR 150 g chicken breast and 1 tbsp olive oil (I alternate every day), veggies

Pre training (7pm): 1 banana, 2 slices bread with 1 tbsp low sugar jam, 2 scoops whey

Post training/dinner (10pm): 400 g sweet potato, 200 g ground beef, 2 eggs, 20 g cheese, veggies

When I’m gaining muscle, my nutrition still looks like this but with a lot more added stuff (some junk as well).

5:30 meal 1. 12 eggs whites/ one yolk scrambled, one cup of steel cut oats with cinnamon and half a cup of blueberries, one sweet potato, water with lemon and one cup of black coffee.
7:30 at work. One quest bar, 1/2 cup mixture of walnuts/ almonds
11:00 at work a mixture of 1/2 lb ground turkey with 1/2 cup white rice(with bell peppers/tomatoes) mixed with ketchup. I alternate between lean turkey and ground beef
1:00 metRx shake
4:00 one baked chicken breast and a sweet potato
5:30-7:00 workout
After workout I’ll have a whey protein shake,
8:00 2 large pieces of tilapia baked, sweet potato and 8oz of California vegetables.
10:30 before bed. Casein protein shake with half a cup of walnuts/almonds.

My goal? Just to maintain as much of by muscle as possible as I get older. I’m 60 and maintaining muscle has always been a problem for me.

It’s not just you - 90 minutes is when people enter REM. The power nap can definitely work for some people, but also can wreck someone for the rest of the day.

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530 am: giant cup of coffee, black
6:00 am: workout in garage
6:30 am: weight gainer shake (650 cals, 60 g protein, 80 g carbs) with 1 scoop superfood
10:00 am: snack, usually almonds, potato chips and protein bar (~600 cals, ~35 g protein, 40 g carbs, rest is fat but I don’t really pay attention to amount)
12:00 pm: lunch (leftovers from previous night’s dinner, ~750 cals, ~35 g protein, rest depends)
3:00 pm: snack, usually chocolate covered almonds, soda, protein bar (~ 500-600 cals, 30-40 g protein, rest depends)
7:30 pm: dinner, tonight was homemade fried rice with eggs and canned chicken breasts for meat, I used fish sauce, oyster sauce and red curry paste for flavoring (~750 cals, ~30 g protein, rest idk)
8:30 pm: weight gainer shake (650 cals, 60 g protein, 80 g carbs) with 1 scoop superfood
9:00 pm: ZMA and 10,000 iu vitD
9:30 pm: bed

Weekends I sleep in and eat less, spend more time with wife and daughter = outside activities (daughter is 2 years old). I only workout 4 days per week; Not bc schedule is hectic, recovery is tough, or anything else…just have very fast metabolism and 4 days is enough to gain strength and size at a pace of roughly 1 lbs. of mass every month or two.

630a -chug a glass of water with all my blood pressure meds, cup of oatmeal with blueberries, and 3 scrambled eggs with a little cheese and hot salsa verde. Banana.
9a to 1130a, all the black coffee that’s been made
1230p 8-10 oz protein, about 100-125g of a starch (sweet potato or jasmine rice) 2 cups of lightly steamed carrots and broccoli, and an apple.
530p Kirkland protein bar, watered down Gatorade with a shot of Mio Energy. Granola bar or cookie.
800p Pile o’ protein, whatever simple carb I find in the fridge, spinach or other greens with dressing. Maybe black beans if they’re handy.
At some point I’ve had a protein shake…

1030p Sugar monster hits and that 1.5 quart tub of ice cream may disappear…

See my problem?