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Post a Pic of Your Favorite Squat Shoes


i’ve always squatted in dc’s but might look to get some shoes since I will be closing in on some big weight soon. Or at least big for 181 haha. Lets see your favorite pairs


I don’t have a picture but I’ve been using Adidas Men’s Powerlift 2 for the last few years. They’re a bit narrow for my liking but I have wide feet. But amazing comfort, durability, and stability.

Edit: Not too pricey either. I think they run a bit under a bill.


Been using these since early 2000s love them!


I picked these up a few months ago. Probably the most solid shoe I’ve bought. They’re spendy, but I was lucky to get them during a really amazing sale.


I have seen a lot of cross fit shoes but will they work or do they have give to them?



Kidding above but these are awesome. Great stability and comfort. Kinda narrow but a good shoe 9/10


I’m surprised these haven’t become more popular, I always squatted in chucks, so I like these because they have zero heel but you feel more stable compared to the chucks,


Can only speak for these, they are very rigid. I would never run or jog in them.


I have these shoes and I love them muchly x’s 100000000000
and 1



Despite favoring these for squats, I have done my best 18x115kg and 18x125kg sets barefooted in a situation where I couldn’t use these.


Not sure if my comment sounded like I wanted give but I meant I want something solid.

Why do they make lfting shoes just look weird with some goofy colors


Ya, I misunderstood. These shoes would provide the stability you’re looking for.

I couldn’t tell you. I only got this specific color because it was $60 on Amazon. The other colors were over $140. I’d much prefer something with a single solid color, but I only wear these at the gym and, frankly, everyone else wears more ridiculous colored shoes anyways. Mine hardly stand out. haha.


Most people aren’t able to stand out by way of their physical accomplishments, so they attempt to compensate with their outfits.

I wish I was joking, but there is a direct correlation between propensity to have a spiked purple Mohawk and 1970s style American Flag singlet in a meet and having a total of less than 1000lbs as a male. It’s one of those things where, if you’re ironic enough, it’s ok to be weak.

EDIT: And before I upset anyone, there is nothing wrong with being new to the sport/having a low total. There is just no need to make a spectacle of yourself when you do that. It’s not to say that having super flashy squat shoes are doing that, but it’s more just pointing out how silly some people can be about it.


I should really find a nice pair of shoes. It gets old everyone asking if I squat in dc’s haha


This is one of my pet peeves. We have several lifters in our organization that are better at self-promotion than lifting. However, I suspect that it isn’t limited to the platform. Generally people that make a spectacle of themselves in one area of their lives, do it in others. You’re either a ‘look at me’ person or you’re not.

I’d post a picture of my shoes but they don’t make them anymore. They’re black and white with a stacked leather heel and buckles. I bought them in 2008 and they’re still going strong.


Honestly, if you like dc’s keep wearing them. There used to be a guy that posted here that went by Stormthebeach, that wore dc’s. His total was not affected by them haha.


I’ve heard the shoes help hit depth easier, Even though my squats get awfully deep occasionally