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This is from a myspace page. Let’s have some fun with it!

Does this skinny guy make my arms look bigger?

“maybe people will see my fat arms and think theyre muscle”

“Evidence that male-testosterone levels have dropped 30% in the last twenty years.”

“That one-loaf-of-bread-a-day diet actually does work. In the right lighting you can even see my top ab muscles… well almost. Should I bulk or cut?”

More beer!

It’s SO unfair Mom. I wanna wear the Elton John sunglasses. It’s always Elroy, Elroy, Elroy!!!"

In honor of willie nelson-
“mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to be queerbait’s”

M&M posing with his boyz Baby Ruth and Reese’s Pieces.

Why is everyone surprised when we say we workout almost everyday?

I realize that the best bodies are built in the kitchen, but these guys should really try picking up something heavy.

How did you get a picture of the Kansas City Royals starting line-up anyways?

The three Stooges, trying to scratch their heads after Charles Staleys EDT for arms and realizing it really does hurt like heck…

If stupid was strong these guys would be monsters.

“pre ass-rape posing”

Hey, Look at us, we just dropped out of ( High ) school this morning!!

I love T-Nation! Keep 'em coming!

By the way, these guys are from Branson, Missouri. The other pictures on their myspace page prove that they are totally serious here.

“my hat ain’t on crooked, I’m just straight thuggin yo”

“We moved this trailer with our bare hands!”

“The Lost Generation.”