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Possibly Very Painful...


i'd like to hear if anyone has ever had equipment break on them while lifting, and what happened. recently, i can't get the image out of my mind of the cable snapping while doing close-grip pulldowns and having over 200 pounds come crashing at my face while i'm pulling with all my might. it hasn't happened, but...what if?


I had the end sleeve of a BB come off whilst doing cleans.


one of the guys I wrestle with was doing incline dumbell bench and as he was pushin the weight up the bench dropped down to paralell...he managed to hang onto the weights but shit tha'd be scary...


I've actually seen plenty of people not put the adjustable height setting pin in properly on the cable attachments. That always ends amusingly.

My biggest fear: The Leg Press pegs somehow failing when I'm sitting there with my legs bent beneath it. Massive compound fractures in both femurs is just an image I don't like to think about...


wow. that's what i'm talking about, that shit would be scary


i don't like thinking about that either, but it still pops into your mind


At our gym the plates on the dumbells are always rattling together because the bolts are loose. I'm tempted to take my Allen wrenches in with me tomorrow. I'd hate to have a plate or 3 slip off during some flat bench presses or something. I like my nose the way it is.


One time while doing weighted wide grip pullups the bar detached from the rack and I whacked myself on the head with such force that I saw stars and split my head open. Lots of blood...since I am such a he man I finished the workout bleeding the whole time.
Lucky I got my feet under me in time or I would have cracked my knees open as well.
I always check the bar now. Once burnt twice shy.


yea, the sled really creeps me out.that would be the worst, you would be proper fucked.


I got my finger into a leg press. Fortunately not under the weights, but caught between a lever and the frame (it was one of those old German Schnell machines).

Within a minute it got swollen to double its size - I thought it was smashed. As it was in the university sports centre, they had a clinic next door (I wonder why). They looked at it and said it was just bleeding underneath the skin (which wasn't cut open) with not bones broken.

So they took a hot needle, and put a whole in my fingernail - the blood flowed out, it still hurt, but that was essentially it. Had a whole in my fingernail until it grew out.



I started using Mrs. Pittbulll?s son?s bench-press when I met her. It was pretty ratty so I took the covering off to replace it and discovered when her son put it together he glued the screws in the back to the frame. I am not a real religious man but I did thank God for his protection while using the Incline part of the bench. At than time I was incline benching a little over 200lbs.


I have long arms. I was flat barbell benching, with the barbell holder uprights set at their highest.

I was using pretty heavy weight (for me,at least), and when I completed my last rep,
I pushed the barbell beyond the top of the uprights,and it went behind the uprights.

I had a spotter,and wasn't hurt, but was embarrased, AND, felt like killing the spotter. He wasn't paying attention, and there was a second before he started to help.

Never do that again.


In the early 90's i had a lat pulldown cable snap on me,i was doing the quasi-pulldown/wide grip row with explosive enthusiasm ( like all great beginners do....lol) with the entire stack (300 lbs) and i flew backwards onto the floor still holding the pulldown bar..very funny stuff!.

Also the first time i tried to incline dumbell press the 150's back when i was a teenager,i got so hyped that when i kicked the left dumbell up,i kicked so hard the dumbell flew outta my hand,almost ripped my shoulder out and killed my training partner.......ahhh the joys of stupid training lmao.


Back in college (I'm realizing that was a lot longer ago than I like to think it was) I had borrowed my uncle's ancient weight set (rusted bars and adjustable dumbbell handles, sand filled plastic weights, rickety old bench). The dumbells had collars with a simple screw that you turned to hold the weights on (I was always leary of those, and after the soon to be mentioned incident, replaced them).

Anywhat, I was doing dumbbell pullovers with 70ish pounds when one of the collars decided to leave. Had all that weight smash me right on the forehead and bridge of my nose.

Fortunately I somehow managed to escape that unscathed.

Now, another incident didn't involve me, but was around the same time. To summarize a long tale, a middle aged, mid-life crisis man walks in to the university gym, reall skinny, jeans and sweat shirt, little black comb in his back pocket that appeared in between every single set to style his thinning hair.

His workout consisted of jumping in to sets of the much younger, much stronger guys (mostly football players and then me) and struggling to do what they were doing and failing miserably. But of course not willing to admit it. I had finished using the legsled, but walked away before unloading it (only 3 or 4 plates a side or something wussy).

Mid-Life Crisis Man hops in the seat, puts his feet up, releases the safeties...and promptly gets pinned by the weight at the bottom. He wiggles out, removes one plate, sits back down and strains for a bit. Wiggles out, removes one more plate, sits back down and strains for a bit. He kept only removing one plate at a time until he only had one plate left, at which point the sled finally budged. Must have been doing a drop set.

I'm not picking on that guy because he wasn't as strong as someone else, but because he refused to work within his means and was trying to prove he was still viril or something.

Take it easy,


One time my buddy Fay was doing tricep pressdowns, he was doing the stack plus he added a 25lb plate sort of wedged in between the pin and the weights on the stack. Anyway right in the middle of the set the cable breaks. The stack comes crashing down and the cable snapped back and missed his face by about an inch. Needless to say we were both pretty freaked and the gym was pretty upset at us, seeing as how we weren't supposed to add that extra weight to the stack. Nobody got hurt but man did it freak us out.


Hey Kratos,

Take any "loose" dumbell you come across and set it on the floor before your set. Then take each hand and "roll" the left and right plates in the opposite direction simultaneously. For example, right hand uses pushing motion on right side of dumbell, and left hand uses a pulling motion on the left side plates. This motion (while the dumbell remains on the floor)will cause the dumbell to rotate in place...and will also tighten the plates.


That must be on everyone's mind, I get in and out real fast, its a bit spooky.


I've always been scared of the leg press failing on me too. I think everyone has that brief mental picture before doing a set.

Back at my old gym this guy had something like three plates on each side of the bar trying to squat. He failed and the bar was resting on the pins at the bottom of the rack. He decided to unload one side of the bar completely before unloading the other. In the middle of my set of deadlifts (right next to the squat rack) his barbell cartwheeled past me as the three plates on one side propelled it across the room. Having a 45lb bar hurled past you keeps you a little more cautious in the gym.


Thats the exact reason I dont sit in that sum'bitch. I do the set and get the hell out of the way and stand up.


I witnessed a kid at my high school gym a couple years ago rip his nipple off. We had a leg press machine that the weights had to be stacked vertically on and he was working out shirtless. While attempting to put the weight on the stand his nipple was in the way. It was a very bloody and painful mess.