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Possibly Torn Labrum in Shoulder

So I was recently in a mountain biking accident where I flipped over the handle bars and landed on my left shoulder. I separate my AC joint and sprained my Suprasprinatus and thought that was it. Well things didn’t get better so I went back to my orthopedic doctor and he prescribed an MRI for me. He thinks I may have a torn labrum. The results come back on Wednesday… So I don’t know exactly what it is. It may or may not be a tear… BUT with that being said… Who here has experienced it? Who has opted for surgery? And who has not opted for surgery? Also, if you could tell me how long the recovery process for those who did opt for surgery and for those who didn’t. Any insight would be very helpful to me. Thank you so much in advance.

Did you have an arthogram? That’s where they inject dye directly into the shoulder under a live x-ray. A torn labrum in itself is not the hardest thing to recover from. I’ve had a piece of my labrum pins down. I can personally tell you that shoulder capsule injuries are much more difficult to rehab. Do you have instability?

I think a torn labrum is 3-6 months for recovery.

If you plan on having some kind of active lifestyle get the surgery. If you’re not, think about how you sleep. If you sleep on your sides or on your stomach with your shoulder up, get the surgery. A torn labrum leads to constantly dislocated shoulders.

I never got it because the thought of being out of commission for months scares me, but that fear has kept me from excelling and being a little more carefree for years. It will effect everything you do from sleeping to jumping jacks. I bench and play multiple sports but for a month or 2 every year I have to do nothing because my shoulder popped out and it’s weak.

Ucall - Yes, I did receive an arthogram. I have no instablity, I just get clicking and popping sounds whenever I move it. Upper body work has been non-existent for the past 2 months. I can do about 5 pushups with no pain. Anything more than that and it becomes painful/uncomfortable.

Air - I live a very active lifestyle, I barely live at my apartment because I am always outside doing something fitness or physical related. I do sleep on my side too.

I’m heavily debating surgery if it is a tear just because I have had friends go through this and they thought that they could recover with no surgery and did not.