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possibly the best web site ever

This is one of the funniest websites I’ve seen. Check it out. www.realultimatepower.net

Ah, my old favorite! If you check out my post on the T-Man poster, I suggested people check out the ninja site. Check this one out!

http://www.anycities.com /user/cnnnews/index.html

Space after .com

Life has been better since I started flipping out!

Ah, yes, since the first time I flipped out, I always hear this wailing pump-up music in the background, and I think it’s supposed to get the crowd pumped. And don’t even get me started on pirates. If I’m anywhere near a pirate, me and my hippo buddies are liable to flip out, and uppercut them.

One of my all-time favs! The best are the “hate mail” letters. Check out Homestarrunner.com, too.

MBE: “May commit Seppuka if there’s no one else around later. Since 1455.”



Check this out. I was at the gym the other day, doing one arm barbell snatches. Anyway, this ninja comes in and starts to workout. In between sets, he would wail on his guitar, which was totally awesome.

So anyway, he’s done with the bench press and goes to the squat rack and there’s a guy curling in the squat rack. I TOTALLY thought the ninja would flip out but he didn’t.

Anyway, the curler went to the front desk to ask to put the music louded (to drown out the wailing). And THEN the ninja flips out.

He grabbed a 45lb plate and spun it like a throwing star. It hit each of the speakers in the gym, bouncing from one tot the other. After the last speaker was smashed, the plate spun toward the curler.

The ninja FLEW across the gym, and cut the plate out of the air with his sword, saving the guy. But then the ninja upper-cutted the guy so hard that he evaporated.

It was totally cool.

I usually wish no harm an any people, but I hope these stupid pube-less fools sit an a tonfa.

That website is soooo awesome i just wanna hang a crap, i can feel it in my heart that ninjas are sweet.

SlapMonkey, are you referring to us? Do you want a skinny white dump on your head?

Yeah, because ninja’s are always flipping out, and if you don’t believe me, just ask me friend Robert. He was in line at the movie theater, and he saw a ninja totally uppercut a guy just for tying his shoe! And Robert doesn’t lie. Said it was so sweet, that they both started wailing on their guitar’s, which pissed the ninja off, and he flipped out again! He whippped out his boner, and totally slapped Robert in the face. Now Robert doesn’t mess with ninja’s anymore. Oh, did I mention Robert is a pirate?

thanks for the tip guys! one point even if ninjas are totally cool and flip out all the time, I still think Lone Wolf could kick their asses. At least he did in the movies.
He did a great flip out more than once.
One time in my office this pirate didn’t bring in his insurance card so I flipped out totally with some extra super secret ART taught only to the best chironinjas and kicked his ass.

I hear that Coach Davies may be doing a series of training articles on the subject of “Functional Flipping”, or increasing the ability to totally flip out and kill people. Gang 'o Ninja Babes should be up soon as well. Oh man, I bet you’ll be so pumped after a session that you’ll have to commit seppuku. If there aren’t any pirates around.

MBE: “Now in frequeowt mode since 1429.”


If you think that the ninja would have let your pirate friend off with just a dick slapping to the face, you are totally stupid. Ninjas have the biggest blackest boners in the world and it would have totally knocked the pirate’s head right off. Let’s be clear, pirates are totally lame and any real ninja would completely flip out and kill them with a sword or something and then pork his girlfriend whenever he wants.

Don’t worry, folks, I’m not referring to you, unless you happen to be a bunch of (naturally) pube-less fools. And I doubt any of you would be if you’re seriously reading t-mag.

try this site it may make you a better parent than michael jackson.

www.madblast.com/funflash/ swf/mj_baby_drop_2.swf

Now I have a tough time believing this site is real. As we all know, ninjas can flip out at the drop of a hat, but as I did more research, it seems that the site says ninjas team up with the hippos in their fight against the pirates. Now, does this mean that ninjas need the help of the hippos to defeat the pirates, because they can’t flip out enough? I refuse to believe this, because ninjas are too sweet to need help. I think this site may have been tampered with by a hippo who actually wants to be a ninja, but isn’t sweet enough, and he needs a good reason to flip out and uppercut someone. Any thoughts?

As far as the ninjas go, perhaps we could petition T-mag to do an interview?

MBE: “Thoughtfully Thoughtless since 1880.”

Put the words Real Ultimate Power into Google and check out all of the copy sites I think they are hilarious.

Thank you. I hadn’t thought of that. I can’t believe I didn’t know about the real Ultimate Power that Breakdances and Bums hold, because they both are totally sweet, and by totally sweet, I mean totally cool. Totaly. Sweet.

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