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Possibly Over/Under Concentrated Test C?

Hey guys, so I’m an early 20s male who has been diagnosed with hypogonadism.

I decided to go the self-treatment route and have been dialing in my T with Test C. I got my Test C from an some Pakistani manufacturer, who I won’t name here unless I’m allowed to. I found that with only 50mg 2x a week I was sitting around 700 for my test level a day after injecting.

This seemed odd to me as the dose is pretty low from what I’ve read but I chalked it up to individual differences. Now I’ve gone through my first vial and got another one from the same manufacturer. This time I’m taking the exact same amount but I’m pretty sure my T is tanking. My muscles are sore and my strength is depleting.

I was wondering if it’s common at all for foreign labs to under/over concentrate their vials of Test Cyp and if anyone has experienced this before?

That number is pretty normal for a mid range SHBG guy taking 100mg a week. I wouldn’t question it. UGL labs may have over/under dosed gear depending on batch.

How long were you on the first bottle for? How long for the second one?

That’s the thing, as stated above, UGL you just don’t know exactly what you’re getting