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Possibly Next Big Meme? Friends New Art Video


My friend for his film class made this existential art vid of another friend of ours. Please give your feedback. Thanks


I understand this don't.




Memes have to be at least remotely funny, this one isn't.


I don't think it has any potential.

It could possibly become a viral video (though I highly doubt it) but a meme would usually be made from something else, not created in its own entirety.


I just posted the Next internet Meme over in PWI. It hasn't shown up yet, but I suggest everyone check it out. I would have put it over here, but the clip is from the NY gubenatorial debate. I'll give you a lure. The clip is of a guy who is running on the "rent is too damn high" party.

Also, I'm voting for him.



They're pretty much just giving art/film type of degrees away these days aren't they?


What did yall like about it?


Everything.... until I clicked the 'play' button




That video doesn't even deserved to be called a fail.
Someone delete this fucking thread.







Its a commentary on contemporary angst, while simultaneously marking the death of a pop culture era.


Please be constructive :slight_smile:


the other problem is that guy is too damn awesome.


Oh so its the exact same not-clever thing lazy, untalented art-students have been pulling since the beginning of time.

You suck.


You fukkin meathead. Of course you do understand. UR TO BUSSZY LICKIN COCKS 4 HGH 2 EVN UNDRSTNDWHTISGOINON.

Ad homonym aside, this is an interesting piece of art. The level of complexity the artist is able to convey with a simple shitty rendition of "Beat it" and a slow zoom on a rather unfortunate looking fellow is rather impressive.