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Possibly Moving to DFW

Anyone live in the greater DFW area? Looking at relocating and curious on:

  • Areas to consider moving to. I’m not worried about traveling for work. Haven’t applied to positions, but I’m not overly worried.
  • General thoughts on DFW
  • Gyms: I’d be interested in picking up BJJ again, as I likely won’t be traveling nearly as much.

Check out McKinney. About 30 miles north of Dallas. Well kept, good urban planning, old fashion town square.

To be honest though, DFW is surrounded by nice small bedroom communities. Need to do some research.

I’ve been looking into Frisco area and Flowermound, but without flying there, I’m somewhat limited to Zillow and googling. Wasn’t sure if there is some generally great areas vs. ya, you could live here, but it’s not ideal.

Edit: also, trees and lakes would be cool. I’m an Oregon boy, so I’m giving up a lot of trees, but would like to see some.

If you look at the Census info for various places, they will tell you the demographics, avg income, age distribution, even break down by education. Might be worth looking into