Possibly Moving Provinces, Any Tips?

So my wife and I are currently living in Alberta, Canada. We both grew up here, moved around a bit but never lived anywhere but Alberta, but for many reasons (lots to unpack, some of which I don’t want to share) we are seriously considering moving out to B.C. This is something that we obviously have no experience in, so I was wondering if anyone has any tips when it comes to moving to a new province or any other tips that could be helpful?

I moved from BC to Ontario a few years ago. My transition was significantly easier than most, because my wife grew up here and all her family is here.

Beforehand though, there were a few things we did:

  1. Visit where you’re planning to live. We spent a week where we moved a year prior to actually moving, so that I would have a sense of what the city was like. It helped a lot, even if it was just a week.

  2. Have work and living accommodations lined up. This was much easier for us, since I could leverage my wife’s connections for both of these things. Many people move without having at least one of these locked in, and it can be an big issue.

  3. Look at social media, messaging boards or news for where you plan to live. Not necessarily a deep dive, but cursory glances at what dominates the local news cycles and social media (like subreddits) can be very helpful for getting to know the area you plan to live.

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Yeah with moving from town to town in Ab I have always had work and housing lined up first….I really like that idea of staying for a week beforehand too, and to look at social media; never thought of that. Thanks

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With the social media/news stuff, especially with the current social climate of the world, just make sure you take everything you read with a grain of salt and read between the lines. People be crazy.

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That’s true…people are crazy lol