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Possibly Burntout?

I have been lifting pretty consistently for going on 3yrs now. I have made tremendous results from where I started and very happy with the progress I have made. I am now running into a problem of being tired when I get home from work and not having to much desire to hit the gym, I almost have to force myself.

When I am in the gym I get the feeling I can’t push myself like I used to. I want to keep bettering myself and my body in the gym, but its getting harder and harder. Is this a sign that I am possibly getting burnt out? I look at myself in the mirror and say I do not want to let all this hard work go to waste, but yet that isn’t getting me motivated about hitting the gym and training like I used to.

I just want to get back to having fun at the gym. I feel if you are having fun in the gym, the better your results will be. So if anyone out there has any help or advice, that can possibly get me through this or tell me what my deal is, it will be greatly appreciated.

This happens to everyone from time to time. For me, I don’t think it has anything to do with being tired, but rather boredom in the gym, this is what I usually do: Change shit up. Do different workouts with different reps and sets. If you are tired, drink coffee and take vitamin B. That usually puts a hop in your step. Finally, go to like maxim or something and look at hot girls. When you see the hot girls, just ask yourself if they’re going to have sex with a fat guy. The answer is no, so you better get to the gym.

Finally, the body needs about 7 full days to allow every muscle to recover completely, after about 7 days, that is when you will begin to lose strength in your muscles. So if you have been going for 3 straight years (i’ve been doing 7) just take 4-5 days completely off and relax, then get back to the gym and follow the steps I outlined above.

When was the last time you took a week off?

Probably about a month ago.

If you haven’t changed your routine as your poundages went up, you may be overdoing it, even on a schedule that worked just fine previously.

Jacked Diesel said it! To me it sounds like you need to turn it upside down and start challenging yourself again, a supplement will definitely kick the tiredness for you but its the thought of training which is the only thing that can excite you…
Out of curiosity how often do you change your program?

I change my program monthly. Any good workouts any of you guys suggest?

How many days are you going to the gym?
Maybe you are spending too much time in the gym for your actual levels of strength.

I am currently going 4 days a week, and usually stay with 4 days a week, some times i switch it to five just depending on workouts.

[quote]hardcore616 wrote:
I am currently going 4 days a week, and usually stay with 4 days a week, some times i switch it to five just depending on workouts.

You know It might do you no harm in maybe just going the 3 times a week for a couple of months. Gives you an extra days rest and recuperation. Change your program appropriately though, no reason to slack! Make a more intense program, have a read through some of Charles Poliquin’s articles on the site, he has a lot of good training methods for intensifying your programs, I think he has a few programs on the site too. Be warned though, they can be damn intense!!!

Maybe you put on more muscle and you need to eat more? Just guessing maybe you dont have enough energy.

Also, how drastically are you changing your program?

I’m asking because if they are drastic program changes, it’s tough to make considerable gains on any particular lift if you stop doing it after only 4 weeks and don’t do it again for a while.