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to eat the same food all year long and not going into a bulk/cut cycle? but still mantain the same weight

i’m eating clean every day now and i was wondering what the long term effects of this will be ?
i’m not really into cycling i just want to be healthy with low BF (10%) all year long?

what do you guys think, is this doable ?


Sure it is possible.

Long term effects. No major change in physique or strength without going either hypo or hyper with your caloric intake, but you will be a healthy mofo from simply eating good food and keeping a moderate/low percent of BF. Not LOW,but just a happy medium.

You will most likely feel much better and look the part as well. As long as you are not only eating clean but getting all your varied nutrients and such. I would go for a balanced diet but, vary the sources.

Hope that helps,