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Possible Way to Prevent Tren Cough?

Just about to start my fourth cycle and am wanting to try a low dose of tren ace (25mg ED), but tren cough terrifies me.
Have been doing research on what it is and how to provent it, but I haven’t found any definitive answers.
By my understanding, the general consensus is that for some reason tren, ace in particular, has an irrative effect on some bodily tissues. Tren cough is therefore due to the tren irritating the lungs after being transported in the cardiovascular or lymphatic system after injection.
So, it makes sense to me that in order to prevent tren from reaching the lungs, one would need to contain it to the injection site. I was wondering, would it be possible to use a tourniquet to tempererally keep any tren that has entered the blood stream contained. Clearly if the tourniquet was removed the tren in the blood stream could circulate to the lungs, but, would the use of a tourniquet allow for enough time for the tren that has entered the blood stream to diffuse out into the surrounding tissues?

Tren cough is caused by the size of the tren molecule entering the blood stream. When it passes into the lungs it causes an oil embolism. Your idea, while creative, isn’t the answer. Avoiding veins is the answer. The good news is that “tren cough” is over quickly. On my last cycle I pinned 75mg tren ed for 8 weeks and had it only two times :slight_smile: you’ll be ok.

Ways to prevent tren cough:

  1. Don’t do Tren
  2. Refer to step 1

If Tren cough terrifies you so much, maybe you shouldn’t be pinning it.

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Yea…and this. Lol

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I used 50mg tren ace ed for 6 wks and never had the cough… no not once. I got lucky i think…

Haha well true, but the name ‘king of steroids’ is too intriguing.

What injection sites would be best to avoid blood vessels?