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Possible Tricep Tendonitis?


Hey all, ive had this for as long as i can remember, so in a way i guess it may not be tendonitis as it doesn't stop my workouts, but my left elbow, when i fully extend and then release clicks/cracks, my right doesn't.

To add to this problem, my left elbow is sometimes tender, id say most days i have it at some point or another, right above the elbow and at the bottom of the tricep it feels tender, which feels like the elbow is weak and not as strong as my right one, any idea on what this could be? Sometimes even after pull ups on the odd occasion it'll ache, but it's nothing severe and doesn't stop benching/rows, anything really with elbow flexion.

It's been like this for a while, but i was wondering if i should do something about it incase it gets worse, it's night time here and it feels quite tender at the moment.