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Possible tricep / elbow problem

Hello there, i want your advice guys. when ever i flex my elbow somewhere beyond 60 degrees of flexion and then extend it again, i can hear and feel a clear ‘click’ in the tricep tendon. It is in my right arm only. It doesnt hurt, it never happens while benching except on Tricep exercises like JM’s presses and california presses. However if i do those exercises with a reverse grip the elbow hardly ever ‘clicks’. My triceps are not a weak link on the benchpress.
It is not a real serious problem but it discourages me from any full ROM tri work. Hope you can enlighten me.

I had the same problem a couple months ago. You can close-grip heavy, reverse grip extension heavy, but when it comes to normal grip skull-crushers, etc the elbow is shot. Turns out that I had something simular to tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is partly the result of your forearms being weak (so when you do the extensions your hand cocks back which places more stress on the elbow). I backed off on the extension movements and did alot of forearm work (esp. flexion). Now I can do the extensions without elbow pain (and keep the wrists in a neutral position).

My left tricep does that sometimes during bench presses and overhead tricep extensions. Usually, it will go away if I do I light warm-up set with about 15-20 reps, then stretch it out good before continuing.