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Possible Torn Labrum


Hey guys, so awhile back wrestling i hurt my shoulder. Now being my typical idiot self i didn't get it checked out for like 3 weeks and it didn't get any better. I got it checked out by a sports med doctor and our head athletic therapist, doctor said he thought i subluxed it which bummed my rotator cuff, athletic therapist says i mighta torn my labrum because he heres clicking in it. Anybody had a torn labrum before? What were some of your symptoms and what was the recovery like?/


Hey dude,

Sorry to hear you fucked your shoulder up. I actually had surgery for a partially torn labrum earlier this year. I assume that the symptoms would vary from person to person, but I didn't experience any clicking. The only time I really had pain was when my arm was out at the side with my elbow at 90 degrees (think waving hello). When I tried to bring my hand backwards I had some bad pain.

Now, my tear wasn't horrible, but I was back to lifting in a month or two after the op. He did an operation where he basically goes in and shoots radio waves at it, shrinking (tightening) the muscle.

I also did no physical therapy. The surgeon is one of the best in NYC and said that he has some girl with a bilateral tear. She got rehab on one and it got worse because the therapist forced it. The other shoulder got no rehab and recovered quicker. But obviously, go with your doctors rec.

I no longer do barbell military presses (to much stress) and when I do dumbell presses, I use a neutral grip. The only other time my shoulder bothers me is when I put my hands behind the bar to squat or goodmorning. But, doing agressive lat and chest stretches before hand helps. Hope it all works out for you.



ya the most painful movement i have is when i put my arm out to the side with my elbow at 90 degrees with my forearm/hand facing forward, i can't rotate it downwards from there at all and trying 2 hurts bad...but ya hopefully i can get healed up for football and wrestling


Clicking is common with labral tears, but can also occur with tendonitis issues with rotator cuff muscles. If the symptoms only came about after this one significant injury, and the ATC said it could be one, it would be best to get an MRI and verified for sure.

Also, where the pain and/or clicking occurs all depends on where the tear in the labrum occured.



Interesting, by rotating it downwards do you mean moving your palm so it faces the floor or moving toward the back of your hand. The latter is what I have trouble with.

My best piece of advice is BE SMART ABOUT THIS! If you are not getting some once in a lifetime amazing scholarship or something, don't push your damn luck. Get it checked out, get the surgery if you need.

The one thing it helped me to remember was that lifting weights is a big part of my life. I assume you feel the same way, at least about football or wrestling. The time it takes could be a few weeks, months, or maybe longer than a year. But ultimately, it won't really affect you as much as if you "push through this" and fuck yourself up further. I hope you make the right choice.



I may be an absolute extreme but i compltely tore off my labrum 3 times plus partially torn it more times in high school...iv'e had 4 shoulder sugeries, 3 of which were complete reconstructions due to my labrum, among other problems such as instability and other complexities...

i dislocated my left shoulder about 20 or more times from basketball(i learned how to pop it back in socket or my coach which was a doctor did it my, team was 2nd in state for 3 years and i was a starting 2-gaurd since my frosh year on varsity, so i always pushed the envelope) this resulted in 4 shoulder surgeries in as many years (im only 22 today)

yeah i know thats nuts, my surgeon agrees, so does many therapists i worked with. But i completely tore off my labrum 3 times and i still tried to play...I repeatadly dislocated my left shoulder (comining out from the front every time) If you completely torn your labrum off You have my absolute sympahty and you most likely have great instability like i did) ...

i suggest seeing an arthroscopic surgeon or such (being that was just the beginning of my surgeon ties) Just be complete at first so you don't end up with a shredded, arhtritic shoulder like me at such a young age.


Ya rotating forward so my palm is facing the ground...well i can't get very far but that is the direction