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Possible to Lose Muscle and Gain Fat

-If you are strength training(5 reps or less)and in a caloric surplus but the bulk of that surplus is made up of crappy food such as chips,sausages,mcdonalds,biscuits,cappucinos etc?
As I have been following Starting Strength irregularly for a year now(missed a boatload of workouts due to ill discipline).
My lifts have all gone up,I have definitely gained fat around my chest and waist but I am also full sure I have lost muscle as my legs,neck and shoulders all look skinnier.

Anyone have a similar experience?

Yes probably sucks something horrible…Nope( to the similar experience )… I don’t wanna come off as a dick but stop eating shit and stop lifting like shit and the fat is going to come off and the muscle is gonna come as well. I doubt you lost much muscle mass if you have been training. Which you said off and on so its possible you put some on took a month off or what ever and wound flat again. Now if your diet has always been shitty like the one you posted up top and started training its possible your body lost some fat and hence you look “skinnier”. With what info you gave this is all I can give.

You dont come off as a dick,Ive been telling myself the same thing for ages but to no avail.
Yes my diet has always been pretty crap and I have absolutely definitely gained fat,I can grab bits around my waist and chest which I could not before(I have always been a bit chubby though).
I have never taken measurements but to me my legs,neck and shoulders appear skinnier than before and also people I have not seen for a long time usually comment that I look like ive lost weight.
This has me confused as I say there is no doubt I have gained fat,I have gotten stronger,been in the calorie surplus yet my muscles are smaller,how bloody odd.

I doubt they are smaller honestly what has probably happened is you have gotten stronger withoit putting on much muscle mass which is very possible to do espeacially with such a horrible diet. Your waist and everything has gotten fatter there fore your neck shoulders and stuff like that probably look softer than before and are the same size making you appear smaller.

Its the same reason alot of muscular smaller guys appear much heavier than they are. There is a Ametuer bodybuilder at my gym who is 185ish lbs but due to such developed delts lats and small waist I swear the Guy is 200+lbs I weigh 15lbs more than him don’t look anything his size. You unfortunately have the opposite problem small shoulders neck lats blah blah and now a thicker softer waist. Making you appertaining smaller than you were even if you have gotten alittle stronger.

Clean your diet fix your routine give 4-6 months and I bet you’ll start to actually shape up.

If you’re actually getting stronger you probably aren’t losing any muscle. If your training really does suck and you haven’t been getting any stronger then, yeah, it’s definitely possible to gain fat and lose muscle.

Start doing your freaking workouts guy. Even eating like crap you can gain a ton of muscle, just ask old school powerlifters.

move on to a different program

Maybe you are eating less salt, retaining less water look smaller but the muscles kept their size. The stronger aspect might be better neural connection. The waist line tells you will not reach your genetic lifespan. Look at your mom and dad, it is often obvious to wichone you are closer physically. I mean think back when you were younger the way you looked before your bad habits. This is your natural genetic destiny. Good habits can improve the quality of life you will enjoy compared to the one you inherited. I am 54, waist line 28. I got that from my dad with my small muscle plus life expectancy 94, so i cannot complain.

Where do you want to be in 2, 5, 20 years ?