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Possible to Lose 5 Inches Off Waist?


I have a goal to lose 5 inches off my waist and make more muscle. I dont know if this is a effective way of going about it but here it goes.

Im going to start taking HOT-ROX Extreme and i bought some TRIBEX so i can get my testosterone up. I am a FFB (Former Fat Boy) my nexy post will have some stats such as measurements and weight and all that.

For workouts I plan on Lifting M-F 0730
Mon: Legs
Tues: Chest/Run 3 miles in afternoon
Wed: Back
Thurs:Shoulders-interval Training (treadmill or eliptical)
Fri: Arms
Sat: Run 2-3 miles
Sun Rest

For Food Well I am lost I plan on taking in around 1800 Cals or so, All Clean food:

Bfast 3 egg whites and 2 whole eggs scrambled, 1 small tomato 1 slice turkey 1 slice fat free cheese and two slices of wheat bread

Meal 2 2 slices of wheat bread and 3 slices of turkey

Meal 3 8 oz of chicken breast and 1/2 cup cooked brown rice, 1/2 cup veg

Meal 4 protein shake

Meal 5 same as meal 3

Meal 6 Lo carb protein shake

There it is


A meal plan like that sounds impossible to maintain.....meal 3 and 5 are the same?!?

Dude, just eat clean.......and sensibly. It doesn't have to be rocket science.

As for your workouts....you don't say what types of lifting you will do. I would say...squats...twice a week....like Monday and Thursday....and don't run the day after.

If you do chest...back....shoulders...arms....on 4 consecutive days....that is an awful lot of upper body work in a row. Combine arms and shoulders into one day.....and add more lower body work.


Well I love the chicken breast and rice and veggies it only comes second to breakfast.
Legs twice a week! It will take some work I will consider it.


Ok scratch the Metabolic Drive shake, If i wanted to do it i would have to order 4 2lb Metabolic Drive shakes mothly which is to expensive for me. What else can i do for small meals?


Cottage Cheese? Eggs? You can get a shit ton of whey protein at a local store for half the price of Metabolic Drive if you're hurtin for cash.

That wheat bread won't get you where you want to be either. Get your carbs from vegetables: spinach, broccoli, etc.


There's your problem right there.


Nobody can eat the same thing everyday.......forever. Be realistic and sensible with your diet.

Most importantly.....lift. If you lift 3-4 times a week for the next year you will definitely look and feel different.

If you do cardio 3-4 times a week for the next 5 years you may not look different.


Nothing is forever but I do not understand why people do not think you can eat the same things for extended periods. As long as it is balanced and satisfies MACRO requirements you can eat the same things for a very long time.

Priorities can change in order to meet goals.


Well you are a goldfish....and used to eating the same thing every day.


I'm pretty used to eating the same things everyday. On the weekends I might take time to cook something different, but its been pretty consistent.

To the OP I would start your calories higher, then drop them as you start to lose more weight/get a baseline for how much fat and how fast you are losing it.

Theres nothing wrong w/ Grow! Whey and its low carb, mix it w/ some coconut milk and add some fiber if you want it to digest slower.


not sure I understand the rationale behind your split (training schedule) if your goal is fatloss...
chest? shoulders? arms?...
you're trying to get your heart-rate up, aren't you? trying to burn some flab?... not sure bicep curls and cable crossovers will be terribly useful here.

i'd love to see some more total body sessions... and i'd recommend not splitting things up further than and upper body day and a lower body day. Hell, if you did like: Upper, Lower, Rest, Total Body Training, Rest, T.B.T, Rest... you'd be set, I'd think. Most of the workouts are total body (and focus on compound lifts. Any workout where you include, say, squats or deadlifts plus bench press plus a heavy rowing or pullup exercise will get you sweating).

Also, from one workout to the next, progress by decreasing rest intervals by 5 seconds (starting around a minute) instead of by adding weight. Once you get sufficiently low in length of rest intervals, add weight and go back to 60 seconds.

And do circuits...

I'd say, in fact, that you might consider taking a look at the programs recommended with the VDiet, which I find to be quite good (and are designed for fat loss). They DEFINITELY beat you up real nice...



At the very least, move your leg day in the middle of all the upper body work. You are not gonna have fun doing chest, back, shoulders and arms right in a row. Especially back and shoulders. Perhaps think about combining days.

Make sure you're eating enough though (and protein), add up those calories and make sure it's a reasonable amount for your bodyweight/height.

As far as eating the same thing every day for a while, i'd almost recommend it. Gets you into a disciplined mindset and makes it easy to count calories. Then you can start developing options when you start getting sick of stuff.

Also, if you're just starting you MAY put on some muscle while you're in your weight loss phase but I would NOT count on it. Quickest way to your goal is probably to hit your weight loss goal first and then bulk up from there - you could bulk up first and then hit weight loss but if you're trying to lose 5 inches off your waist you're probably not at a BF% where most people would recommend bulking.