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Possible to Get Longer Chain Steroids to Kick in Sooner?

As the title says, curious if anyone knows if there’s a way to get something such as equipoise to kick in sooner?
From what I’ve experienced and read, pronounced effects aren’t noticed until at least 4 weeks.
How long does it take to reap the athletic benefits? Surely not 4 weeks as well

Maybe try sustanon 250. Contains both short and long esters of testosterone. Sus 250 contains 30mg test prop which kicks in after 1 day, 60mg test pheny kicks in after 4, 60mg test iso which kicks in after 9 days, and test decanonate which is the longest ester testosterone which has a half life of 15 days.

This test blend will basically give you that short term kick start withthe test prop but not having to pin ed or eod.

For EQ ive read people front load…so double your first pin dose. So instead of 4 weeks it takes 2 weeks.

To make EQ work faster either 1. frontload, or 2. use DHB.

EQ at 400mg e3.5d

EQ 400mg e3.5d + 800mg the first week

Awesome cheers fellas

Or include a Kickstarter of Boldenone Acetate for 3-4 weeks while the regular Eq kicks in?

I’ve never seen anyone selling finished bold ace. I think it’s because ace and cyp have such pip that no sane person would use them.

Front loading worked well i just ordered it a bit late and didn’t get the benefit I needed in time.

I was reading about the shorter esther versions but have never ever seen one anywhere , will keep an eye out!