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Possible to Gain Strength While Cutting?


I have heard over the course of the last few months that most people GAIN strength when they begin cutting. This doesn't make any sense to me and I hope someone is wise enough to tell me how this is possible. To me, it would make sense that it would only be possible to lose strength during a cutting phase because you are depriving your glycogen stores. How can someone catibolically gain strength?


Thibaudeau explains it a bit here (halfway down the page):



I gained strength in all exercises apart from horizontal pressing whilst cutting.

Both times ive cut ive never managed to maintain my bench pressing. My pulling, OHPing and leg work all got stronger. I noticed biggest strength gains in weighted dips.

Just be careful with your diet and dont drop cals too quickly and you should be good to go!


I think I freaked out and cut too many cals too fast cause my bench fell from 5x210 to 3x205 >_< over the course of a few weeks...


Any bodyweight exercise is going to get easier when you are losing weight.


THat was a dam good article. thanks


WHen you cut, how hungry were you throughout the day?