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Possible to Gain Muscle at 13?

Is it possible to gain noticeable muscle at 13 with limited equipment? Bench, barbell, rings, dbs that I have to put on plates and spring collars on.

13 is very young to start aiming to build muscle.

I would focus on a sport. Train for performance in that sport and not to specifically build muscle.

learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits. Learn to love food, good clean healthy food with lots of fruit and veg.

Do some bodyweight stuff, chins, press ups and sit ups.

Spend less time on social media and more time outdoors doing stuff, climbing, kicking a ball around, running around.

Do all that and you will massively ahead of your peers in my opinion.

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It depends …have you hit puberty yet? ( not making a joke) other wise you will be at a slight disadvantage. I actually agree with @kd13 view point

Yes I’ve hit puberty (99% sure)

i wish i found t-nation at 13, wouldn’t have made so many beginner mistakes…

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Yes at 13 gains are definitely possible!, i wish i started lifting at that age. Also ryan casey has Great genetics but yeah as long as you’ve hit puberty like the others you can definitely gain muscle!

No social media, No soda, rarely fast food/ junk food. Already lift casually, have for ~1 yr. Of the asian nerd type so not good at sports (yes the reply will be get good by practicing, but meh) (bad at baseball, basketball, soccer) decent at football (can’t throw well, and catching is meh). Would a martial art count?

It’ll take a couple of years, but the sooner you start the better.

Yeah a martial art is great.

I look at this kind of thing from an overall personal development stand point. Yes you may build a bit of muscle at 13 locking yourself away in your basement lifting whatever you can and getting fixated on body image and the false dream that a muscular physique will make everything great. You will however most likely end up a very boring, gym obsessed loner with poor social skills who has no idea how to interact with the ladies other that showing them your abs, few true friends and little life experiences. Okay I admit i dramatized it a little! But I’ve seen plenty of examples of this kind of thing. I’m your teenage years self image can be all consuming for some people, this hobby can amplify that so I don’t always feel it’s healthy so young.

Build your physique whilst socialising, being part of a team and living life to the full, your only young once.

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Smart words. OP should listen to this.

My eight year old niece is doing gymnastics and is stronger than her older brother, but I wouldn’t say she looked muscular yet.

I think wrestling and judo are the best martial arts for building muscles because you are constantly pitting your muscles against other people’s. When I was in TKD, I lost weight but didn’t put on much muscle until I took up weight lifting as cross training.

As for using your equipment, I suggest you do a search on “Hypertrophy” and you’ll find a lot of good articles about lifting for mass. But never underestimate the value of body weight exercises like push ups and chin ups.

Plus Ryan went in the right direction due to having a bodybuilder father…

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