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Possible to Gain Mass when Cutting?

Hey all, I am presently doing the T-Dawg Diet, I know that you are supposed to periodize your goals by building mass then losing the fat, but is it possible to make any lean bodymass gains will cutting up? If so what is the best approach in terms of supplementation and lifting program? Any T-Articles you could suggest would be cool too!!


Everybody says it is. Nobody says exactly how.

Yeah the how is definately key:) Right now I am doing a upper/lower body split routine, goin on a 12/10/8/6/12 rep split. I am taking T2, MD6, and Tribex, as well as Grow, a Multim vitamin, and EFA’s, what else can I do to gain Mass will losing weight?

Yes it is absolutly possible, personally I’ve dropped over 7% bodyfat…I caliper 5.2% yesterday…my goal is 3.5%…and my body weight hasn’t budged a pound, yup I’m the same weight as when I started my diet only a fuck of alot more ripped. a few tips, you absolutely NEED carbs, they must make up at least 40% of your calorie intake, mine is exactly 48% of my calories come from carbs. keep fat low, around 15%. the rest from protein, you must eat 6 meals a day with faily even spacing. and the 2 most important keys-

  1. your calorie deficeit must be very small 300 calories a day…400 at most. anything bigger and you won’t be able to build new muscle. 2) you must weight and write EVERYTHING you eat down cause you need to know EXACTLY how much of everything you are eating, when just bulking or cutting you get a little freedom so you can just estimate, but your window is only 300…eat just a little to much meat or a little to much pasta and you blow it for the day, eat to little and you can’t grow and your recovery sucks. Don’t go overkill on the cardio, you must do some but nothing crazy start at 30 minutes 3x a week and work your way up…maybe add 5 minutes a week. lift 4 days a week, 5 MAX- train hard, no high rep “cutting” pussy crap. for the first 4 weeks “play” with your calories I’d suggest starting around 2000 if your an endomorph like meand work your way up, or use the massive eating calculations to figure out your daily need, if your dropping a pound a week, you need to eat more, ideally you should find a calorie intake that your weight will remain the same…or very close 1/4-1/2 a pound less each week but you will become noticably leaner each week, stick with it…it takes longer to get ultra ripped this way but I think overall it is the best way to diet. this should get you started and also never get more than 2 of your meals from MRP shakes or protein bars and try to throw some solid food in when you have your MRP’s…except postworkout. now go and get shredded.


Dozer: EXCELLENT advice! I agree 300%! By the way, did we weigh in on the “Low Carb Dieting” thread that JB started? I think that it would be GREAT if you did, especailly as it relates to your thoughts on carbs. Check it out.

So basically if I am doing the T-Dawg diet there is no way I’m gaining anymass, the most can hope for is to maintain what I got right?

I agree with Dozer. I’ve gone from 258 lbs. 33% bf to 210 lbs. 9-10% bf, but it took a long time. I’ve continually lowered my bf % over the last year while remaining at the same weight. I go much lower in carbs, but that’s because I’m diabetic. I’ve really added a significant amount of muscle during the same time.

The goal of the Beverly International/Dr. Eric Serrano diet is to enable competitors to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. They are really quite successful doing it. I personally have always had a hard time doing both at the same time unless I was on some type of anabolism boosting substance (Androsol etc.) If you tolerate carbs well and have a decent metabolic rate then the aforementioned advice should work well. If you don’t then the ratios of 50% protein 30% fat and 20% carbs with calories at or just above maintenance should work very well. Keep foods as close to their natural state as possible and limit the consumption of fruits and dairy products. 5-6 meals evenly balanced meals per day. Post workout have protein + glutamine. Train with weights only and ditch the cardio.

It is definatley possible, though I think a lot of it is determined by genetics and your newness to training. Anyone who is a virgin to weight training can build muscle while losing fat. The first year is usually like this for just about everyone. However over time this phenomenon subsides and you won’t notice much of it as you get more experience.

If it were truly that possibly then none of the pros would ever have to bulk. Once you reach a certain level of training I don’t think you’ll see much in the way of LBM gains while dieting. And remember skinfolds and bodyfat measurements are highly deceiving. If you need proof then take a bodyfat test via skinfold. Now figure out your amount of LBM from those measurements. Now guzzle a gallon of water and recheck your bodyfat. Skin folds are the same but now you have 5 more lbs of LBM! That’s because water counts as LBM therefore hydration fluctuations can give false hopes. Remember that when you gain 10 pounds in 2 weeks of your bulking cycle. No one can gain 10 lbs of muscle in 2 weeks even with roids, a lot of that is water but it shows up as LBM therefore we like to “think” we’re gaining muscle that fast.

So the point is, yes you can gain muscle while dieting but the farther along your training is the less and less you will see this. Newbies will do it without even trying.

the trick is to gain mass while keeping bodyfat the same and you will automatically reduce bodyfat percentage