Possible to DL 500lbs in 2 Weeks?

My best pulls 400+ recently are 425x5, 435x3 and 445x2. I haven’t done any 1 rep max for about 6 months hoping I could pull 500lbs by the end of the year.

I pulled 435x3 today and I’m gonna be deloading next week then as a personal goal, I’m hoping to pull 500lbs on January 1st. To help my cause I’m gonna be upping my calories by about 500 more a day the next 2 weeks.

What do you guys think? Is this possible or am I currently pulling too low to achieve 500lbs?

Currently doing all my pulls raw (no belt/straps) and only using chalk on my last set.

Cutting it very close wont say impossible but highly unlikely.

You can’t do this in 2 weeks, but if you had 4 weeks my suggestion would have been to actually stop deadlifting and run the smolov mesocycle. I ran the entire program and set an 80lb deadlift PR after not having pulled in weeks.

Realistically your max is probably between 475 and 480. If you get yourself psyched out of your fucking mind, you might be able to do it if the stars align correctly. Sleep, mood, diet, and everything is a factor. I think on Jan. 1 if you get angry enough and pull it aggressively enough you might just do it, but who knows :slight_smile: Good luck!

I haven’t actually deloaded yet after 7 months of training so this coming deload week might be helpful. I’ve also been sleeping 10-12 hours a day recently while upping my calories.

The 1st is a day off from work for me so I’m planning to getting up early, watching some motivational videos for 3-4 hours then hitting the gym to try for the new PR. You’re probably right about the mood so if I don’t feel like I’m up for it, I’ll probably postpone it for another month. I’m also getting new supps and more importantly a new pre-workout so hopefully that’ll help :slight_smile:

Couldn’t hurt to post a video of 400+ pull showing your form. Might be some non-strength-related fixes that will increase your numbers.

[quote]Reed wrote:
Cutting it very close wont say impossible but highly unlikely. [/quote]

This. anything over 475 would be a big achievement

I never understand why people make forums like this. You are literally asking what we think you will be able to lift. We obviously dont know as you yourself dont even know. You of course know more about what you are capable of. You are going to try to find out so what is the point of speculating?

I’d understand if you are talking about setting attempts for a meet, but just for a gym lift, just go out and try 500 in 2 weeks. And bam! You got your answer. No polls, no forums needed. I swear lifting is just too painfully simple for people

All that aside, good luck. Dont worry about a thing other than destroying that fuckin weight

Maybe belted, maybe. stroooong maybe depends on how much you get out of your belt