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Possible to Come Off TRT After Two Years Without PCT?

For a wide variety of reasons I would like to try and restart my natural production and come off of TRT. I can provide details as to why if people feel it may aid their advice, however, it is a rather long, drawn out story.

I’ve been on for two years now, with HCG being used for the past 9 months. Testicle respond well to HCG - introducing 100iu HCG ED boosted my TT by 20 nmol/L without a change in testosterone dose.

The issue is I have a genetic eye condition which causes degeneration of my retina. Some people report light sensitivity when using SERM’s, which suggest that retinal function is impacted by the drugs. I already have very poor vision as it is, so this is not something I am willing to risk.

I’m currently 21 years old, and my pre-TRT levels were between 12-14 nmol/L. In theory, is it possible to restart my HPTA without the use of a SERM back to pre-TRT levels? I’m thinking about using HCG+low dose AI until the testosterone is out of my system, and then coming off of everything.

If I do choose to come off of TRT, it will be under the supervision of my doctor. I will be discussing this with him in person soon. Thanks in advance.

Unless you correct the cause of low testosterone assuming you can, you efforts will be futile. If your having low testosterone this early in life, something is permanently broken and not fixable.

Serms can screw with the eyes, vision problems and permanent floaters are not unheard of.


I had three testicular torsion surgeries during my late teens, the latter of which involved the fitting of permanent stitches. For whatever reason the stitches didn’t take well and they still hurt to the touch today. I assumed this was the cause, but with HCG boosting my t levels so much it seems unlikely.

The thing is I’m not even sure if my pre-TRT levels were too low for me personally. I had a lot of energy issues and a bit of brain fog, but my lifestyle was also very poor at the time and my sexual function was mostly fine. I started TRT young at 19 y/o, an like most people that age I was a fucking idiot. I thought TRT was going to give me an advantage over others rather than restoring me to normal. I got it in my head that I was going to be bursting with energy, have an insane libido, stronger at the gym ect. When I saw my lowish levels I started to attribute everything wrong with my life to low T, giving myself nocebo in the process. I was naive, and I have learnt a lot since then.

It’s been so long since starting that I can’t even remember what I used to feel like. I’m open to restarting medication if I do not recover, or if I return to pre-TRT levels and feel worse. The doctor who initiated my therapy was useless, and didn’t order the necessary pre-TRT bloodwork. I just want to see what I feel like on my own production as TRT has not worked out for me up to now.

Have your symptoms improved on TRT?

Unfortunately not, energy/fatigue issue remained the same. Many issues that were not present prior to TRT also emerged which I believe to have been caused by therapy. This is why 'I want to try coming off.

You are a young man. If anyone can do this you can.

Don’t just come off cold turkey. Find ways to naturally kick the system back on by going to the pharma category. They have tons more experience.

Fatigue and brain fog are not only from low t. Thyroid causes it as well. Make sure you run bloods several weeks after you come off and every month or two after to see if your levels are coming back.

I would find a doc to guide me through this phase: your going to suffer for a good amount of time before you realize if this is going to naturally come back online or not.

Anabolicdoc.com or metabolicdoc.com is the type of MD that can guide you through this process. Ask your family for help and pay him and get underneath his professional care.

Doing this on your own is not healthy.