Possible to Avoid Muscle Gain on Test?

I was prescribed androgel and now injections of cyp for very low libido and low testosterone levels. I have trained my whole adult life for climbing and I would like to maintain my strength and bf where it is at (5%) without putting on any additional mass. It seems like my current workout regimen is already resulting in added muscle with the testosterone. Is lower weight and more reps the only way to avoid putting on mass?
I am still trying to find out what caused the rapid drop in libido and testosterone in the first place.

what about over training? how do you maintain a 5% bodyfat yearround?

Thanks for the ideas. I can only guess that my testosterone dropped rapidly because of the dramatic drop in my sex drive - from twice a day to once a week if lucky, etc.

My body fat has always been low, and perhaps I have over-trained at times, but my body weight and body fat have been almost exactly the same since I was 19. I’m 43 now. I have always run or biked a lot. I have always worked out with the weights in addition to climbing specific training to maintain strength and tone, but without any mass gain.

I did have me estrogen level measured and it was very high, so I have also been prescribed some medication for that. My cortisol levels were super low.

I think my diet has been pretty well balanced, with enough good fats, but it has also been very consistent for the past 20 years, so perhaps I will re-evaluate it.

I am really curious if anyone else has experienced similarly rapid tesosterone and other hormone drops without having previously used any steroids or anything.

Most of the people who climb at the level I climb at and who I have been climbing with maintain their body fat at 5% or less year round, and I am not aware of anyone else having similar problems.

The attached picture is from just a couple of years ago. I am already a little too muscle heavy for optimal climbing, but I don’t really want to lose any of it, I just don’t want to put on any more.

If you are at 5% bf and do not wish to gain mass, then it can be guaranteed that if you control your diet to where your weight does not increase, you will not add significant muscle mass.

Consider a compound that is great for strength increases and poor for mass.

Halo, anavar, winny, etc.

Test is not going to be your friend if your trying to stay rather light.

Personally I dont think most steroids are going to serve you well due to nothing else than decreased joint repair.

As a climber you place odd stress on the joints and ligaments, most gears slow down the repair of those particular parts.

what about masteron? libido and no aromatase…

GH would be the shit, lean you out like nothing else, its just rather expensive and hard to find good quality stuff.