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Possible to Add 60lbs to Bench in 6 Months?


Is this possible to do on WS4SB?


There's no way to know without giving it a try. It really depends on a bunch of factors such as training experience, diet, weight gain, technique, etc.... For a non-beginner to do this you would have to set up the training very well, work hard, and likely gain some weight. If you're trying to do something like maintain 165 lbs. at 6 feet tall, it's not going to happen.
So the short answer is yes, but it depends.


Why don't you just try? Its not like you'll have wasted 6 months of training if you don't meet your goal.


With all due respect to Dave Tate

1-get a big bench shirt
2-eat a fuck ton and get fat
3-take a shit load of drugs

Instant 60lb pr


Instant? Really?
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No, he's right. One time I ate two lunches, and got 70 lbs.


It depends and it's all relative. The program is only one factor. Someone that benches 100 lbs isn't likely to add 60 lbs in 6 months. That'd be a 60% increase. Someone that benches 500 isn't likely to, because their bench is already at much a high level. Take someone that benches 275, and it would probably be possible. The training program is only one part though. There's nutrition, sleep, and a million other factors outside the gym that affect strength gains.


Easy, dude. It was just a joke from an article a while back.

I think putting 60 lbs on your bench is completely doable depending where you are starting from.


I did it, took exactly 6 months. Went from an embarrassing 60kg bench to a still embarrassing 90kg bench from Nov 09 until April '10. My other lifts improved also, (DL 155kg->185kg, SQ 90kg->110kg). I used 5-3-1, with a lot of triceps and shoulder exercises.

I went from 90kg to 100kg in that time.


if you're a newb and/or go on stuff and/or gain a ton of weight (my guess would be > 50 lbs) then maybe, although not guaranteed


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Here's what you need to do:

1) Gain a ton of weight. I mean, A LOT of weight. This will be crucial for decreasing your ROM. Probably 20-30 lbs of gut is optimal.
2) Acquire 2-3 sets of Inzer elbow sleeves (the kind you can jack up with the straps on the sides) as well as an equal number of sweatshirts.
3) Put on one of the sweat shirts and then put one pair of sleeves over that, repeat this for every shirt/sleeve pair you have.



Just for reference, i knew a kid in high school who was a junior when i was a senior that added 60 lbs to his bench in 2 months when he was on wrestling that year. Granted he was pretty gifted genetically (had a 325+ bench that year) and looked like a 30 year old man but it is possible apparently.


It is indeed very possible to pull this off, but it requires you to make a lot of smart choices when developing your training plan and really keying in on your form. Between July and November of last year, I went from struggling with 315 touch-and-go to hitting 370 paused in a meet with little difficulty. I wasn't following WS4SB, but that doesn't mean shit because hard work and smart planning can go a long way regardless of the program you use--except for H.I.T. of course.


The obvious one I can think of from our gym is Mark. He joined on 10/31/2009 with a max bench of 225 lbs. On 5/23/2010, he benched 314 in a meet. Both were raw lifts. That was 7 months and 89 lbs on his bench. That's really not that abnormal. Everyone has at least one lift that makes a jump like that.


dude its very possible i went from maxing out at 225 in august of 08 to a 315 max in feb of 09 i trained hard as hell 4 days a week. i was working out twice a day on mon, wed, and thur, and once a day on sat. make sure you lift heavy, and DO PUSHUPS!!! use dumbbells as well as barbells and focus on training your chest twice a week one heavy one light. also make sure that you do other things that will help with your chest.


Hey, go easy, it's hard to tell what may or may not be sarcasm on a Bodybuilding forum. Dooduses abound, and does that mean DF's avatar is supposed to be funny too? You can never really tell.


Yes. I bet you could go up 30lbs right now just by fixing your form and staying tighter. I've never even seen you bench but I am assuming you are a beginner, in which case, mastering your technique should be priority. WS4SB is awesome. Work the shit out of it, get big, get your form a little better, and you will go up 60lbs a lot faster than 6 months.