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Possible Tendonitis


I've been experiencing some dull, aching pain this week with lifting. The pain is in my left arm and shoulder on the back side, it kinda seems to jump from the back of my shoulder to my tricep area and to my elbow. It doesn't really hurt too often when I'm not training but I can sometimes still tell it is there.

I ran this by the powerlifting trainer at the gym I go to and he immediately said tendonitis and more specifically bicep tendonitis. He said that you can generally get it from squatting and I dont' know what else I stopped listening after he said squating because that was when I first noticed the pain was the night after heavy squats.

I was just looking for any possible second opinions on whether or not this may be bicep tendonitis as what I have read seems to indicate the pain from bicep tendonitis is on the front of the arm and shoulder, but the pain I have is on the back. I looked at rotator cuff tendonitis and it seemed like a good description but what the hell do I know he's seen alot more injuries than I have.

Either way the treatment appears to be nearly the same. Ice it, heat it, rest it. Ibuprofen for inflamation. Then work it gradually. It's just a difference of where I'm supposed to focus on.

Any thoughts?

P.S. The pain seems to very much aggravated by pressing movements but pulling movements seem to make it feel a little better while I am doing them.


I know the feeling. I have a separated shoulder and have had these discomforts before. I resorted to getting a Cortisone shot, and it really helped alot. I know some people dont like Cortisone as a therapy, but I dont like eating the Ibuprofen, it does more damage than good. Doing some lighteight dumbell rows will help to get blood to the affected area, and help heal it but this one may take some time, so you`ll have to be patient.



I've had the same injury (from what I could gather from your description). I used ice and that didn't work. I rested it, and that didn't work.

Finally, I went to my massage therapist and she worked on it with some seriously deep massage. That did the trick!

She said it was mostly a combination of scar tissue.

I'm not sure if it's the exact same thing but for a fairly inexpensive figure you could find out.

Good Luck,