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Possible T-Man Book?

I have been thinking and was wondering what other people think of this idea. The hope is that enough people rally behind my idea that Biotest/T-Mag will strongly consider doing it. The idea: Publish a yearly book “Testosterone: A Year in Review”, the book will be a printed version of each weeks articles throughout the calender year. I believe that this would do well because TC, Tim, Bill, John, Brock and others write such unique and compelling stuff related and unrelated to lifting that the book would serve to make more people aware of the site and good products as well as turn them on to expanding their minds and the unique postings of all invovled. It would be quite easy to get a publisher (I’d be willing to help set up the deal) and all of us I am sure who read the E-zine would by the book even if for a mere reference tool. Thoughts? Would you back this?

i think it is a excellent idea

ONLY if I get to illustrate it then, CERTAINLY, what a idea! :wink:

I dunno… to quote Jason Lee in “Chasing Amy,” why buy the cow when you get the sex for free?

Only if the cover has a picture of that sweet, sweet Chris Shugart in leather riding chaps, Stetson…and nothing else…mmmmm…Texan…

I wouldn’t pay money for something I could get for free.

I would probably buy it, if it wasn’t to expensive. As long as it was cheaper than those ink things in my printer( what’s the right word?? can’t remenber…) i’d buy it.

If it is a reference book with all the workouts and diet articles from the year, and includes some of the other features – why the hell not? It is a case of having the content, and just letting it sit. I would do this in a flash if I was T-mag, and if they do, I will buy two copies immediately. I can picture a workout section modeled somewhat on the diet manifesto, with comments by contributors. I know all this is on the net for free, but having it printed form would be great as well. If not a book, maybe a special expanded issue of the mag.

I’d buy it. It could be subdivided by nutrition,training,supplements, etc.

I’d buy it if it wasn’t overly expensive.

If this book were divided into diet/nutrition, supplementation, training, drugs, misc. etc that would make for an easy layout. However, if it were just published in such a form where it is a compilation of each week from the great Atomic Dog to each and every article, to me that is more than fantastic. The idea is that the book would help get the word out about the information contained herein as well as the high quality supplements sold by Biotest. We, by promoting the book and buying it will help Tim and TC and all of Biotest by providing capital to continue this here free website AND continue to develop the high-quality products that they are known for. To me, it is a win-win. What are TCs or Chris’s or Tim P’s thoughts?

Unless the book had something in it that the website or the paper mag hadn’t publish, I don’t think I’d buy it. Why would I want to pay for something that a)I’d already read and b)was free to begin with?

I don’t know the precise economics of publishing, but given the sheer volume of material compiled in 52 issues, it would probably be less expensive to make it a “best of the web” book rather than to make it include every article published in the web-zine.

I don’t know if it would be a factor (probably not), but there would also be an issue to consider in paying some of the contributing strength coaches for re-publishing their articles, and also perhaps to consider how much the publication would be competing with books the contributing authors already have out. I like the idea and would probably buy the book if it were softcover and not overly expensive – just some things to consider though.

I think a “best of” rather than the “compendium” approach would work better. Also, the book should be divided into sections for nutrition, training, etc. The only real advantage for someone like me who reads the webzine faithfully would be ease of reference, and that would be lost if the above layout weren’t followed.

I've had a somewhat different thought, though. How about a "T-Mag Forum" book? We could take the good questions and answers that have appeared here in the past, arrange them according to subject, and then publish the whole thing (subject to T-Mag's approval, of course). There are a lot of very knowledgable people who have contributed over the past few years, and I think that a Forum book would be valuable to those who are looking for "real life" application of training and nutrition principles.