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Possible Sugar Crash?

Hello all I’m an avid T-Nation reader but this is my first post. I’ve read a lot on post workout nutrition and right now mine consists of 36 gms whey protien, a half cup of dextrose, 2 heaping tbs of maltodextrin and 4 of Biotest’s bcaas.

What i have noticed is soon after i consume this drink i start to get very aggitated and feel realy rushed and flat out pissed, but after i eat it goes away.
Anyone else have this problem? Is this a sign of just a realy high insulin spike or a sign of carb sensitiviy? On workout days I’ll eat 1 cup egg beaters 2 whole omega 3 eggs, 1 cup quick oats, 1-2 cups of 1% milk. Then 2 hours later i will take bcaa’s and animal pump. I then proceed to do an hour long full body session with 4 bcaa caps in the middle. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Its normal thats the desired affect.THe high insulin response goes up shuttles all the fuel into your muscles and then drops when you eat again you stabilize your bloodsugar this is normal.