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Possible Stress Fractures In Arm

Alright so I have these pin pointed pains in my arm in about 4 completely separate spots. I’ve been dealing with them since march, and eventually after so long I always have to break from any lift that irritates them for a solid week.

When I come back from this rest week, the pain is always gone; feels GREAT. For about 3 weeks I can train without feeling anything painful in my arms at all. But about that 4th week is when it creeps up (it doesnt get God aweful until about week 7-8). Sorry I know I’m ranting, but the strange thing is that when it starts coming back… every single time, it switches arms on me.
Pain in the eact same spots, but switches arms (and only one arm hurts at a time).

Now my theory is that my pain-free arm always tries to compensate, and relieve the other; causing the problem in itself.

Now I’m a regular strength athlete; I train for strongman. And I train hard, so I’m really not looking to be told by someone to take a month or two off or whatever. I really need to know by you injury gurus if theres maybe a vitamin or something I can mega-dose or if there’s some specific resto technique that would help alot, etc. Any takers?

Are you sure it is a bone issue? It is pretty rare to get a stress fracture in an upper extremity, unless you are gymnast or similar athlete that constantly impacts the upper extremity.

Where in your arm are these pains? Radius? Ulna? Humerus? Where are the specific points? I would lean more towards a soft tissue issue? Maybe a tendon attachment issue. Maybe a muscular/fascial restriction issue that is causing excess pull on the surrounding structures.

If you are absolutely convinced it is a stress fracture, you should get some imaging done to determine the severity. And as much as you say you don’t want to be told to take a break, to deal with actual stress fractures, you have to take time off. Bone stimulators have been shown to increase speed of recovery, but you the injury still requires time off.

Well I originally I suspected tendon issues, but I just thought it was strange that it would be in the same exact spot on both arms, and then just alternate arms like that.

One is in between the medial delt and posterior delt, right where the delt connects to the tricep.

Another is on the outer head of the bicep about 2 1/2- 3 inches from the inner elbow.

Another on the back side of the arm, on the tricep. About 2 1/2- 3 inches from the outer elbow.

And in the brachialis.

The brachialis one feels like it could be more muscular based. And the shoulder one I’m almost positive is a tendon or ligament. Not sure about the other two at all.

They are all rather deep pains too; not at all surfaced, except for possibly the shoulder one somewhat.